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  1. Warison

    Friday Funnies

    Oh my ... yes please.
  2. Warison

    Pad Thai for lunch

    I’ve had a pad kee mao on like level 6. I thought it was a joke. Like I had been tricked.
  3. Warison

    Pad Thai for lunch

    Red. And it’s awesome. Surprisingly good.
  4. Warison

    Pad Thai for lunch

    Massamon curry all day please. Hot. But not death hot.
  5. Warison

    Who you got in an ultimate fighting challenge of animals?

    I would put a hungry grizzly bear with baby cubs up against anything in the world.
  6. Warison

    Juwan Morgan getting some PT today

    I find your obsession with Romeo to be a bit weird. Very odd in my mind.
  7. Warison

    What is the best band from the past 30 years?

    You just went full on ghey. Congrats.
  8. Warison

    Hey good friends! Tell me it’s a great idea to buy a boat!!

    Yea!!! Doesn’t a boat sound fun. Tell me how much I would love one. I’ve done about zero research into this. I have a truck that could tow a small speed boat. Would want to take it to Monroe and lake James/pokagon. Tell me what kind of dream (nightmare) I’d be getting into. TIA
  9. Warison

    TMP ... TommyCracker ... other guitar players...

    If you had around a $1000, what acoustic guitar/brand would you be looking at? Hoping to get the lifer acoustic guitar. I think I’m ready for this kind of investment. TIA
  10. Warison

    All Time Favorite Songs

    Holy moly these songs suck. Do we have a bunch of love struck women posting here? Does nobody have any balls. Does nobody here walk around with thier cuck in their hands telling everyone ... look at this. Look at it !? WTF. I'm I the only one here not 80's yrs old. Warison's favorite songs...
  11. Warison

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Dude, are you ghey?
  12. Warison

    In 1994 Johnny Cash and is whole family played the Vogue for $45. Guns and Roses is asking for $400

    I would pay it if: - I was seated front and center in front of Slash. - After the show Slash took me back stage and showed me his settings on his Marshall. - Steven Adler was there with a sack of blow and couldn't wait to share it with me and the band. - I had a driver home.
  13. Warison

    Songs about/for kids

    Got it. Excellent. Could I apply this to most songs off Blood on the Tracks?
  14. Warison

    Songs about/for kids

    Isn't Little Martha in open E. I have not tuned to open E yet. Isn't there like tremendous tension on the D string when you tune to E? Am I crazy thinking this? As far as spending countless hours on a song, my is Limelight by RUSH. I have labored over this song for about 8 months.
  15. Warison

    Songs about/for kids

    I have this relationship with all Buckethead songs. I don't want to believe its possible learn a Buckethead song. I want to believe they are unattainable and beyond anything a human could possibly play.
  16. Warison

    Songs about/for kids

    Milk Carton Kids - Charlie That's my daughter in the water - everything she owns I bought her - Loudon Wainwright Beautiful boy - Lennon Jeremy - by that one 90's band
  17. Warison

    TMP. TommyCracker. Amp Techs ... ?

    Sweetwater called back. It was the tubes. Whoo Hooo !!!