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    Archie Recruiting -getting great players

    I agree Devil Man should be smoking next year and don't forget young ins also. lol
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    2021 Update

    3 bigs, one great shooting guard or pt guard,Landers is a Combo guard we got enough guards need more size.
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    How many can we add 2021

    Hes a type of kid that Indiana high school all about he all way been the smallest player on court when growing up, to short not fast enough on and on the under dog how can you not root for him,never met him, watch him ON Blackfort network,check him out.
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    Lander Oficially 2020

    maybe no Vaccine, sometime their no Vaccine for a virus but the cure will be worse than the disease no jobs,food,shelter or basketball! lol
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    How many can we add 2021

    Exposure against better players duh! bs lol
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    How many can we add 2021

    alright professor myboy math my strong point not English calm down Nino..
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    How many can we add 2021

    The COV19 my friend they were still in the tourney could have play against some of the better 2A teams a couple ranked in top 10 team in all classes 2a has less kids to choose bigger schools from duh does not mean their inferior it a number game think about it,
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    How many can we add 2021

    The guys did not have 3000 pt between all of them!
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    The i.u. 2020 recruits

    If you were in fox hole which guy would maybe save your butt stupid i know? lol
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    How many can we add 2021

    Yes cigar1man already occupied my email.
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    How many can we add 2021

    Hey Matt Luke going to play at New Albany next year, i watch Damon Bailey play many moons ago at New Albany might go to this game if i can get a ticket! 3000 pt 90 percent ft 8 assit a game feeding guys like Priller who cant walk and chew gum at the same time time will tell!
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    How many can we add 2021

    If you can give Priller a scholarship duh why not Luke
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    How many can we add 2021

    Please Benchwarmer sit down my name is trouble man you have your opinion i have mine Geez Coach easy up.
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    How many can we add 2021

    We have one in 2021 Logan Duncomb need a couple more big and one pt guard like Cool hand Luke or someone else Luke might turn us down! NO LOVE LOL!
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    2021 IU recruiting thread

    Wow Farmer in the Dell 6'2" nothing doesn't score 2000 pts in 3 yrs and avg over 7 assit this yr and missed 8 1/2 games his soph year plus maybe up 4 games this year even if he was playing against mostly nothing Farmers!LOL
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    ISB Full Show: John Feinstein talks "A Season On The Brink"

    Yep he a old madman now only saying
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    Came upon this offer to a 2022 guard a few minutes ago.

    Why he going to be their one year you get Luke for four yrs i want kids from the Hoosier State? you are dreaming if you think we can get both! lol
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    Came upon this offer to a 2022 guard a few minutes ago.

    Lucy! Lucy! you think this guy is half the player cool hand Luke is don"t think so,but if Luke decides to go some were else we will take
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    Olivier Saar from Wake Forrest.....

    Cal getting the best player ever year an only one title we had a coach who could recruit but couldn't coach a lick!