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    what high school did you attend what year

    Gatti's Pizza in Boonville closed and torn down last year. New Burger King in its place.
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    “No one has ever doubted the talent on this Indiana roster”

    Yep and hasn't beaten Purdue once! I hope next season is different for IU but I'm not overly optimistic with CAM in charge.
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    Very optimistic....

    Lander makes me optimistic. He and TJD could be VERY GOOD together, but I've not been overly impressed with CAM's three years. I sincerely hopes he changes my mind next season.
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    Dakich in trouble again

    Screw you and your shitty opinions. There's trash, bad people and drugs EVERYWHERE! Get out for yourself and take off your blinders!
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    Dakich in trouble again

    Dakich is a douche bag.
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    Game over man what do we do now?

    Ummm, realize that there's much more to life than sports. Works for me.
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    Archie is right

    Yes, childish is a good word for it. The comparison to Sesame Street made no sense. This team could lose to NEB and then miss the tourney.
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    Fire him now!

    If TJD returns and Lander is as good as advertised, there will be no excuses for IU not winning more games next season.
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    Only 2 games out of third place

    Maryland can win the title.
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    Indiana should give Archie Miller time, not make a beeline for his successor

    There's been zero indication that Miller will eventually turn the program around as Beilein and Wright did. Zero! Other than Langford and Jackson-Davis, recruiting has been mediocre, and the will only get worse as Miller's future gets murky. It's incredible mis-management to have open roster...
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    Why would you wanna play at Indiana?

    LOL yeah that's the basketball team's problem. Has nothing to do with Archie's coaching - or lack of. People!
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    Brad Underwood Illinois Impressive road win

    He can't recruit or coach. Pathetic!
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    IU Boosters/Donors

    "The media" got wrong? Did "the media" hire Archie? No
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    IU Fan Revolt

    I'm same way. Can't freakin' believe the guy who replaced Crean is WORSE. Administration is letting the "golden egg" of college basketball drift away.
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    Dakich Twitter

    Wasn't it the same last season? Release the problem, Archie. You might be surprised at how a cohesive team would play.
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    If I'm Jackson-Davis, I transfer ...

    You mean playing high level college ball isn't the same as high school? Who knew? Seriously, Archie's recruiting is NOT strong.
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    Next year could b worse.....

    Anybody put a FOR SALE sign in Archie's yard yet?
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    Start with the head of the snake...

    I suggest a contract for life lol. The stupidity of some people is overwhelming.
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    If I'm Jackson-Davis, I transfer ...

    Very telling. Archie must go if IU wants to seriously again.
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    If I'm Jackson-Davis, I transfer ...

    Here we are falling 20 down and he's on the bench. Archie doesn't utilize him well at all. Imagine this pathetic team without him next season. Please fire Archie!