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    Let's not put to much pressure on Lander

    You are trying to make a bet with a potential payout 5-10 years from now? I will take the 15 point average in next five years since that is more short term. How much? If I’m dead by then do my kids have to pay it if I lose? How do I collect from you if you die before then? Without a wife...
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    TJD not to test the NBA

    I’ve been away from the board and missed that one. Thanks for the update! What an idiot.
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    Another funny story....

    Good point. Story has a lot of holes in it. How did the adults not bring the 3 year old home prior to a criminal investigation by the local cop? Was she a suspect?
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    big game tonight boys

    My guess is that he has never been invited to a party so is clueless. Probably googling “what is parties”. He’s a freaking Debbie Downer.....Can’t imagine what his pathetic existence is like.
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    Way-too-early top 25 college basketball teams for next year

    You are clueless. What is “IU Ball”?
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    One Shining Moment: IU's 2019-2020 Season

    That made me throw up in my mouth a little....You posted this? Wtf is wrong with you?
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    Time to end this: "We need Indiana kids..."

    And you said the program was a “dumpster fire” and this was the “worst talent and team” that IU has ever had. Do you remember that? You were like “Dumpster Fire”! Do you remember? “Worst team”....That was funny. You remember?
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    IU would have been in NCAA Tournament per Lunardi

    Are you still trying to act like you know something? You? You are here debating people about basketball? Lol...good stuff. Give us some insight, like the time you said Lander would never commit the day after he commited.
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    IU would have been in NCAA Tournament per Lunardi

    The way IU was playing at the end of the year I expected a final four run and Big Championship. Nothing could stop them after they pulled together in the Nebraska game. Too bad we will never see that amazing run.
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    Sr day

    Holy crap! That was a nice and well stated post!
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    Indiana playing on Wednesday of btt

    Making a joke or stating fact is two different things. This post explains why you act like such a douche. Napoleon complex and little man syndrome is real. Being a “loser” is subjective....your internet persona is more successful than me. I don’t have 100 grand laying around to bet with. I...
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    Indiana playing on Wednesday of btt

    He is the size of an 8th grader, but pretty sure he’s an adult person.
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    Khristian Lander: "A little something happened last night"

    You obviously we’re not. Lol It is “were” you dunce.
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    Call me crazy, I believe IU will win.

    I just don’t see TJD and Race having the experience to deal with Cockburn yet. Brunk has probably dealt with more Cockburn type situations with his past experience. I think Deron has the special sauce to handle Cockburn because he is the biggest man on campus. I’ll be happy when Cockburn is out...
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    Call me crazy, I believe IU will win.

    How do you handle Cockburn?
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    Prediction Thread: Indiana at UI

    68-62 Hoosiers Because
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    Anybody got a good feeling about this Illinois game tomorrow?

    I believe, I believe that, I believe that IU will win. 68_62 The whole mess of you are daunted and faltering..... Y’all can suck it!
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    What a Joy!!!

    Good to know that you heard about Lander committing. Remember when you commented that IU couldn’t get a commitment from Lander after he already committed. That would have been funny if you weren’t serious. Now you expect us to think your opinion has any merit? Laughable
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    CAM Losing It

    Bro, you are the dumbass that didn’t even know IU got a commitment from Lander. You whined how IU could never get a commitment from a player like Lander after he committed! You were called out and hid. Here you are a few days later acting like you know something about basketball? You should be...
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    Take the bet! If Cavanaugh loses he will have to sell the Civic!