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    I believe he's the Green in Blackburn and Green, unless I'm mistaken.
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    Line up

    They had Smith and Anderson, both could play spot minutes at the 4, but they transferred, so Hunter will have to do it. He can probably do it for 5 minutes a game without terrible problems.
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    Why isn't the NCAA allowing official visits for basketball players?

    Well you see, there's this virus going around...
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    Kaufman's recruitment winding down

    And Ricky Williams got so high he bombed pearl harbor with Stephen van treese.
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    Bruiser Flint

    Ostrom recruited Thompson too. Ostrom has connections in the Minnesota AAU scene.
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    IU Unveils NIL Plan

    I couldn't speak to the undergrad aspect of IU, but the law school has dedicated personnel to help find internships, which is how most law students find their first job...
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    IU Unveils NIL Plan

    Yes, which is a part of the point of college in the first improve the marketability of the student within the labor force.
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    Izzo's Daddy..

    Interesting issue with Bates. He says he isn't going the G-League route. He could change his mind, of course. Allegedly the NBA has put off changing the OAD rule. I'm not saying he will actually play at MSU, but he seems more likely to play than you'd originally assume.
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    Trey Patterson

    Not to mention Crean's buyout was massive at that point. IIRC, it was around 8 figures at that point.
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    Let's not put to much pressure on Lander

    He's already scored three times as many points in the NBA as Kirk Haston did. And Kirk's career is over and Romeo's isnt.
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    Lander quote

    I don't think we ever had three in a row before this year.
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    Lander quote

    Actually Kaufman won Gatorade player of the year this year, over all the seniors and Lander. He was probably the early favorite next year. And we are allegedly a heavy favorite to get him too. 4 MBB's in a row AND Lander. If Furst doesn't mess it up.
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    2021 Update

    Go practice your jumpers. If you miss a few you can always try shooting from further away. I'm told that's a solid plan on offense.
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    Justin Smith transfer

    That fact, that he decided that he didn't want to play on a top 25 team and take his best shot playing in the tournament for the first time, after all the sweat equity he had in the program, says a lot about his leadership--or lack thereof. We will probably miss Smith's defense, but we'll...
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    Archie Recruiting -getting great players

    The games aren't scored using recruiting rankings either, but that doesn't stop you from bleating your stupid arguments about them...does it?
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    2021 Update

    You forgot go_iu and victorbear
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    Damezi Anderson entered Transfer Portal

    I do remember some people here complaining about Crean's high transfer rate. But also, yes, fpeaugh sits around thinking up bizarre shit.
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    Can everyone agree

    Every season is different and comes with different expectations. This next season I just want to see improvement, in terms of kenpom and conference finish. It's pretty unlikely that the BIG will be as historically deep as it was last year. That assumes several key players avoid bad...
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    2 ways to save the 2021 recruiting class

    If Hulls was in Crean's first class, then Romeo was Archie's first. Did you forget about Pritch, Verdell, and the gang?
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    Throwback Tuesday- Tuesday Weld

    She is also on the cover of the Matthew Sweet album "Girlfriend," which is an awesome album.