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  1. flinke vent

    Should I Let My Dog Eat Grass?

    My Lab is the same. Very picky on the type of grass he likes... I always walk him before I feed him so it's like his salad before dinner! Every once in a while he will get too much and end up puking, but that doesn't happen often.
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    Girl accidentally shows her pussy while exercising

    It is! Plus, I think that is a mural of herself!
  3. flinke vent

    Throwback Tuesday- Shannon Tweed

    But... it would come in sorta clear for a few split seconds!
  4. flinke vent

    Throwback Tuesday- Shannon Tweed

    The queen of Skin-emax from my youth!
  5. flinke vent

    AOTF Dumb Poll Questions #10

    Born in '72... was out the door to play after making myself breakfast. Only rule was checking at lunch and then be back when the street lights came on... many fun and interesting times! If you didn't check in or get home in time, then you were in trouble! As long as I followed the rules, my...
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    Monday Throwback- Melanie Griffith

    Here is another idea... Tawny Kitaen
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    Woman takes off panties to use as face mask...

    Thought the crew here would appreciate this story!
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    With apology for my racial insensitivity

    Shrimp and Grits is a thing... A good thing!
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    Throwback Tourn Elite 8 matchup 3- Jacqueline Bissett (2) vs Elle McPherson (7)

    First round match-ups were more difficult... Seeding Committee needs adjustments; however, they did initiate the game so deference is acknowledged!
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    Friday Funnies

    Maitland Ward, was in "Boy Meets World" back in the day, now does porn! You're welcome!
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    Is that first one boating in a sewer? Or is that Geist?
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    Sad to Hear...
  13. flinke vent

    Eddie Money Cashed In His Ticket To Paradise... Dead at the age of 70! Money made his home in the Bay Area where he performed at the city’s clubs regularly. A star of MTV’s formative years, during which he starred in a series of comedic music videos, he saw major chart success with such songs as...
  14. flinke vent

    My last frontier - RUSH

    I have an older brother (8 years older) who was a bit of an audiophile. We unfortunately had to share a room for a while during the late 70's/early 80's. The stereo was his and he always got the latest albums... Grew up enjoying the energy of Rush and can still to this day 'air-drum' (with...
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    Need a bourbon suggestion.

    Eagle Rare is good stuff! Haven't been able to find it lately. It was pretty inexpensive for a while, then it was like everyone discovered it at once and the price shot up and I couldn't find it anywhere!
  16. flinke vent

    Cinnamon Buns

    That's the "how to win any argument" pose...
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    I do all my family's taxes and I've noticed the same thing.
  18. flinke vent

    Julia Moffit

    The traffic lady on Fox 59 in the morning, Britt Baker can be nice to look at...
  19. flinke vent

    Meds will Screw w You

    I got the flu (H1N1) last year along with other complications and was hospitalized for about a month; the first two week I was in a coma (medically induced) and realistically should have died. Coming out of the coma and being extubated I was rife with fun thoughts... Someone had gotten me a...