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    Billy Donovan fired

    Sixers job sucks, who wants to live in Philly? The Pacers job is better.
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    Billy Boy might just get that horse farm

    Not a fan of Westbrook's selfish style of play.
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    IUBB on pause for COVID tests

    Play Ball. The B1G has cancelled games with outside schools so it can control the schedule and re-schedule of games if needed. HS teams are playing, if a player or players have Covid then re-schedule the game when they have recovered. If HS Football can play then I fully expect HS basketball to...
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    Daily Hoosier read on Kenya Hunter recruiting targets

    Kenya Hunter was a good hire by IU.
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    Furlough cuts

    The new B1G Commish appears to be playing election year politics with B1G Universities being held ransom. He needs a plan to open up the B1G in 2020 or be fired.
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    Keion Brooks asking to change Rupp

    Adoph and UK was racist. Brooks should have looked this up before going there and playing sparingly in Adolf Rupp Arena.
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    Romeo got some time last night

    Is Carsen Edwards injured, or just not receiving any playing time for the Celtics?
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    Kenya Hunter

    Upgrade for IU.
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    Howard getting looked at for nba

    Eventually Howard will take the NBA dollars and leave UM. Howard is a NBA guy. It is what he knows best.
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    Line up

    I think the Freshmen will play quite a bit. Geronimo as a 3. Leal as a 2. And Galloway as a 2 or 3. All 3 bring shooting when healthy. Geronimo brings athleticism to rebound. Galloway brings defense and playmaking ability on offense.
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    If FB is cancelled, little hope for BB

    B1G Basketball could be played in a bubble with the players attending class remotely. Possibly in Indy.
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    Kenya Hunter

    Successful with Big Men, recruit the East
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    Line up

    Race/Brunk TJD Hunter Phinisee Lander
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    2021 IU recruiting thread

    Get Kaufman and Miller to go along with Duncomb, and IU is set on the front line.
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    IU leading for both Kaufman and Miller

    Duncomb, Kaufman, Miller would be a great front line at IU with inside and outside scoring ability.
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    Big Ten preview, teams 1-7

    Fran sucks. Then Garza graduates.
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    Romeo got some time last night

    Simmons is being payed to be a 6'9" plyamaking PG, not as a scorer. Ben Simmons can not shoot.
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    OT, I suppose, but I think the Pacers should try to get

    The Pacers might be a good future destination for Romeo. He might blossom back home in Indiana like Oladipo, and brings a large Indiana fanbase with him.
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    Bruiser Flint

    Dane Fife might want to get out of MSU and their Sexual Assault Athletics Department culture, especially if someone else is being tabbed as Izzo's eventual replacement.
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    Romeo got some time last night

    Romeo with the Pacers could be a good fit