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    "Hate Hoax" list.

    Goes without saying for a democrat.
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    "Hate Hoax" list.

    You just described the current Dem party to a tee.
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    "Hate Hoax" list.

    Color us shocked you still showed up to regurgitate how another thread you don't like sucks. You are consistent.
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    One player in double figures.

    Next years team will not resemble this years team in any way shape or form. Just improving the Bball IQ of three players would win a few more games let alone some outside shooting. This team is so limited in so many ways there is just nothing to do but improve from this level of play. Offense...
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    Can we agree on one thing.. Dakich is God awful tonight

    DD is such a tool but making a lavish living being one. Kept saying all night throw it in to Morgan they can't handle him and IU will win. How well did it work when Morgan had the ball inside last night? Yeah there is a reason DD is behind a mic. He is a mouthpiece that is like a jaded girlfriend.
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    We Need Villains....

    You can bet other teams hated Lewis and Fife.
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    Official Prediction Thread: Purdue @ Indiana

    Close my azz. I guess anymore with this team close is double digits so maybe you are right. PU 82 IU 67
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    Cryptic tweet

    The same clown made both these posts. Quote from fpeaugh" we can't get Brad or Billy, my #1 choice is Archie...and it's not even remotely close. I mean there's a mile between anyone else on the list. The guy can recruit, he can coach, and he'd build the kind of brand we need at IU."
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    There are a lot of people on here who need to listen to this

    You do realize those that keep spewing the same crap daily are wanting to hurt the program? They want CAM replaced because they know more than the AD and the coach. They are experts and have inside connections. They are at practice daily and they sit thru daily meetings with the players. Anyone...
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    Team has officially quit

    Still a firm believer that CAM needs four years to know what we got but i said before Fred hired him there should be no way in hell IU didn't get Stevens,Donovan or Marshall. Just no way you don't pay what it takes to be Elite if that is what you strive to be. So from my perspective Fred may not...
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    Trump with a Strong showing moments ago...

    Sex change recently Zeke?
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    Human trafficking sting nabs 339 in California

    Nothing to see here. Libs only care about women when it fits their agenda. Obvious by lack of coverage by media outlets. Makes DT look like he actually is doing the right thing. God forbid that.
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    Steve Risley

    Risley was very passionate about the IU bball program and how it has been mishandled since BK was fired. He mentioned the poor coaching and the culture that seemed to be at rock bottom for some time now. He did point fingers at the current staff but seemed to allude to the fact CAM needs time to...
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    Better coach. And it helped we scored more points.
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    Did IU consider Chris Mack ...

    Archie kicked his azz and just imagine if a CAM lead team blew a 23 point lead at home.
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    Good Listen...................

    Risley needs to speak to this team before every game. My new favorite IU player. Man he nails a lot of what many guys are thinking. Calls out Glass and the coaching staff for several years worth of a shit product put on the floor. It is indeed a culture that has to be changed.
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    Kaepernick takes a knee and is blackballed from the NFL. Kareem Hunt beats the sh!t out of a woman..

    Kap got what he deserved and the NFL's loss of viewership got them what they earned by not taking a stand. Kap being average is all any football person needs to know. There are dozens of younger average QB's to be had with no baggage and distractions. They have a chance to develop and Kap was a...
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    The Wrong Cross to Die on

    Not hard to see the Dem party for what it is unless you wear the party blinders as faithfully as some on here do. They don't care about legal citizens they care about illegals becoming citizens. They don't care about drugs crossing the border they want them legalized. They don't care about the...
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    Hunter injury.....

    Next season will be better than this one.