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    IU is going to the elite 8 this year

    Idk ..If I'd get that giddy over this team yet.... I do think they'll be pretty good though. Will games have fans ? If they do ..Will it be like half capacity ? Or even less than that ? That will effect games....A mature older team..Imo would benefit..
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    Basketball in Paradise in Asheville? link

    No ..I'm sure it will be a hard ticket to get. I bet there's no more than 2500.. I'm hearing here in Indiana for high school basketball it could be 15 %.. My home gym is the Hatchet House Cody Zeller 's home also.. It holds 7,000.. Looks like 1100 or so for home games..Hope I'm wrong .. Go...
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    Basketball in Paradise in Asheville? link

    Kinda has a Btown vibe.. My guess is attendance will be super low..
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    Big Ten schedule on Fox right now

    Ugly... Like 2020.. It'll be a season to forget...
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    Cody makes 13million per year.. I doubt Kaufman ever see's a contract like that . Better offer's ?..Parents are delusional ~
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    Basketball in Paradise in Asheville? link

    Asheville has a Btown vibe.. I'd be all in ~
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    Line up

    Victormyboy.. I've seen every D1recruit that play's in Southern Indiana .. If IU fans think Lander is a 5☆ like Eric Gordon or Cody.. Then they're in for a big disappointment.. A bunch of that ...Is potential..Like as a sophomore...Maybe he gives me a good plate of crow.. This year If...
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    Line up

    I got Rob all day ..Everyday ..Including every practice over Lander.... Only way he starts ..Is injures..Which happen every year..So he'll be on the floor at some point..jmo.
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    IU leading for both Kaufman and Miller

    Like many.. I'm ready !! That would put a little skip in all our steps .
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    32 team bubble being floated around..

    This IU team in that bubble? Thought's?
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    How will the BIG's cancellation of 2020 football affect BIG recruiting . . .

    Saying that fans in Indiana don't want to see basketball over IU football...? Crazy talk..That's like a zillion to one....And I support both with what little cash I make.. Relax...Those other three conference's are in for a mess.. They'll be multiple teams that play more or less games because...
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    So, Yesterday’s Media Screeches Were Not Accurate

    It's by far from a100% lock.They'll be football.. Especially for the duration of the fall.. They'll be problems.Possibly big ones..Id say the NFL will have them too...It's how they keep pushn'. Or cave in...
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    Bruiser Flint

    See ya...Never a fan.. Guy never had a good presence on the sideline.imo If you coach at UK .You roll the ball out. And stay out of the way of the talent...
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    Report: Big Ten to shut Down 2020 Football season and Move it to Spring

    Goes back to no national response..imo..
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    Logan Duncomb

    I like it !!
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    OG vs Lakers

    He's become even better pro than I expected . Right now he's passed Vic imo..No knock on Vic .Time may still tell with him.
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    Thompson rising to the challenges

    Thompson and Davis could be a load for any team they play...
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    Kaufman/ Norh Carolina offer..

    Hmmm I'm starting to wonder ..If he'll ever see Btown.