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    Biden Rally

    The mainstream media and their crony loser presidential candidates trying to strike up TV ratings. We'd be better off having to vote for a Hatfield or a McCoy.
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    Would you rather....

    Who knows what is up with PAC-12 but would you rather have a shortened 8 game conference season so Ohio St. can have a shot at the CFP or would you rather extend season and play a couple of extra games. Maybe find a deal with the Pac-12 and have an 8 team tourney with a title game in Sofi...
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    Chiefs fans

    Did the Chiefs win?
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    People didn't like Dungy? I thought everybody liked him.
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    Did Mike Woodson play in the NBA or was he just a coach?
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    Mostly Peaceful

    Joe Biden and the evil witch are corrupt liars. She is willing to watch lot and lots of innocent people rot in jail that she prosecuted just to get a prosecution win and make her record all shiny looking. TRump was not in office when these people incorrectly sent to prison. Of cpurse he is...
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    Anyone ready to be a Reds announcer

    Fag is the term for a cigarette that started in mid 19th century in England.
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    Should Joe be worried?

    I did not watch either convention. I was streaming Jo Jorgensen and Spike Cohen content from Spotify and you tube.
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    Apparently they just have be at home and surrendering to get their heads blown off. Google Ryan whitaker in Phoenix and watch those videos.
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    Line up

    Race redshirted his Frosh year right? So can he not graduate and move on just like Smith did. I'd be concerned about that in today's landscape of grad xfers.
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    If FB is cancelled, little hope for BB

    And there is only one party of freedom. Obama was suppose to get us out of the war in Afghanastan. Instead he has us paying Trillions of dollars to stay plus added Yemen. What a failure. Trump said the same and he has done nothing. Vote gold.
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    If FB is cancelled, little hope for BB

    Isn't great when the 2 most corrupt entities in the US [Democrats and Republicans] flood a basketball thread. The best thing for this country is to exterminate the 2 parties that have ran our country into the ground over the past century by stealing our money and spending it foolishly to build...
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    If FB is cancelled, little hope for BB

    Biden is not orange but yes.
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    OG vs Lakers

    That is what GM's work with. Right now it's post injury VO. Hopefully he gets his explosion back. Really like both these players. I think the big plus for VO is his leadership. It took VO a couple of years to get to his big season n Indy. OG came into his rookie year coming off injury...
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    I think Trump should be worried about the presidential debates...

    Rumor is the debates will be on Saturday Night Live. Now the Republican/Democrat clown show want to take comedians jobs away too.
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    Biden is kicking Hillary's ass

    Isn't that like the Bulls kicking the Knicks A$$
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    There are plenty of you tube videos and podcast to watch or listen to both her and Spike. I'm sure you can find the Libertarian party debates to see her in a debate against sane people not a couple of clowns who have crony media outlets spewing out BS. Right now I have been listening to Spike on...
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    Should Biden cancel the debates?

    If either Trump or Biden drop out and are replaced by Jorgensen it will be a great win for America. End the Republican and Democratic suppression of American people. Let her speak and vote gold
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    If they let the real Jo (No e in her first name) in the debate we'll see even more unintelligence exposed from the clown show that is Biden and Trump. When asked about keeping Trump in line during debates she indicated that she is a teacher and knows how to keep problem students in line...
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    OG vs Lakers

    You are probably right but if Toronto offered OG for VO to the Pacers and you were GM would you take it.