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  1. mohoosier

    Ukrainian prosecutors find no evidence against Hunter Biden

  2. mohoosier

    Meanwhile, Guv is upgrading us to Stage 5

    Cases or deaths?
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    What it’s like to live in CA

    I was going to give everyone an update on what it’s like living out West, but ran across this guy’s vid and thought he summed up a huge part of it. Don’t get me wrong, I love the rugged outdoors and it doesn’t get any better than out here - also the central CA remote beaches are stunning, and I...
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    Nice article on Judge Amy Coney Barrett

  5. mohoosier

    Scientific American Endorses Biden
  6. mohoosier

    COVID-19 Updates

    So we stop riding bicycles, and walking, and eating, and swimming, and playing golf, and sleeping, and breathing...yeah, your world, not mine.
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    Dems...enjoy your VP candidate

    Do you sell toilets for a living?
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    Dems...enjoy your VP candidate

    Yeah, I guess his third choice will work. :rolleyes:
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    COVID-19 Updates
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    Dems...enjoy your VP candidate Just a reminder how well KH did in the primaries and what her colleagues think of her.
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    A Biden presidency could spell another depression

    I do believe Joe is waaaay right of the mainstream Dem of the day. I’d say he’s way right of most reading this post right now. Now, would he govern from an authentic position? Doubt it. But, also doubt we’ll ever know the outcome.
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    Summer of Love! Having such a wonderful communal time in NY as well...
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    Abolish: 1) Police 2) Courts/Justice System 3) Prisons Sounds reasonable to me.
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    I guess they’re voting for Trump in November?
  16. mohoosier

    Blatant Racism from ABC News

    Also, whites are arrested at an overwhelmingly higher-rate for white-collar crime. Needs to be investigated.
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    First 3 Edicts put in place by CHAZ leadership: 1) Build a Wall 2) Require ID’s to enter 3) Issue guns to residents for self-protection You just can’t make some shit up. :rolleyes:
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    Trump to hold MAGA rally in Tulsa, OK

    Is what he said true??? I could care less who loves Trump and who doesn’t. I’m talking about the facts here that you obviously don’t want to face.
  19. mohoosier

    Trump to hold MAGA rally in Tulsa, OK

    Your not hitting many shots today shooter.