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    What's IU looking like in 2020?

    Don't get me wrong, I would love to see PU go 0-8, but I see no chance of that happening. I think 3 to 5 wins is being realistic. For IU I think 4-4 is most likely, but 5-3 isn't a big reach. Everything would have to break right for 6-2, and when has that ever happened to IUFB...
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    FYI . . . Ivory Winters is no longer on SEMO's roster . . .

    If I remember correctly he is from a small town in Arkansas and left because he was homesick.
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    Howard getting looked at for nba

    I don't think Howard is a bad coach but I would rather him be at UM instead of Beilein. By a wide margin.
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    Is IU in danger of losing sports over football?

    The tricky part of this is Title 9. Any women's sports that get cut will require a comparable cut to a men's sport.
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    Big 10 Winter Football Schedule Proposal Article

    I don't have any inside information, but it's basic economics in my opinion. You can only charge x number of dollars for commercials. That is where most of the revenue comes from. Fewer eyeballs mean cheaper commercials, more eyeballs equals more expensive commercials. I could be wrong...
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    Big 10 Winter Football Schedule Proposal Article

    They are counting on eyeballs on the TV broadcast to pay for the facilities. The conference would lose more money not playing.
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    Big Ten preview, teams 1-7

    I think Iowa is final four good...if Bohannon comes back from his injury 100%. He was a huge loss for them last year.
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    Rondale Moore.

    I am with you on this Boiler. I am tired of doom and gloom. Overall I am a pretty optimistic person. I choose to be blindly hopeful there will be a season.
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    Big Ten Schedule 2020 (link)

    I thought the same thing. Anybody that had paid attention to college football the last decade would know that's not a 50/50 game.
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    Mathew Bedford

    Agree completely Vesuvius. Here is an article talking about it, but not the same one I was discussing.
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    Mathew Bedford

    This is going off memory from an article I read a couple of weeks ago, so I may not be 100% accurate. But my understanding is, a group have been studying and monitoring the genetic makeup to track the virus mutations. The latest couple of mutations have been slowly deleting part of it's...
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    Crystal ball for Mcculley

    Plus we didn't get any sympathy from anyone when we played Diamont as a true frosh. He was 5th on the depth chart when he enrolled that January.
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    IU defense rated #1 by Bill Conley

    Minnesota was good definitely got lucky. If I were betting win totals I would take the under on Minnesota this year. PU was unlucky, but won't get much sympathy from IU fans there. We have had our share of bad luck. I like our nonconference approach more than what PU is doing right now...
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    IU defense rated #1 by Bill Conley

    I expected both teams to be bowl eligible going into the bucket game last year and was half right. I am still thinking both teams have at least 6 wins this year going to the bucket game this year.
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    IU defense rated #1 by Bill Conley

    I was joking with a friend of mine who is a Michigan fan, PU next year might be the first CFB team with a "relief pitcher" at QB. With a boatload of talent at WR, questions at D and depth at oline a concern. Brohm might call 70 passing plays a game. In all seriousness, I think you guys have...
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    Jordyn Williams commits to IU

    I am thinking he was adding some sarcasm to his post. Any time in FB you get a top 1000 guy with multiple P5 offers, that's a good get.
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    Indiana's Most Important Newcomer For 2020

    Agree completely. If the secondary can make a slight improvement and the pass rush makes a slight improvement, all of a sudden 8pass defense overall is a lot better.
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    Trey Kaufman Q&A

    And it's been 40 years since PU has made a final 4.
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    Watched the 2002 IU/Duke Game

    I don't remember the officiating much in that game, but Duke normally gets the benefit. The title game they played vs Butler was terrible, Duke got all the calls. By the end of the night I was 100% certain Goran Suton was Bosnian for "illegal screen."
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    New AD...

    I am not anti Dolsen at all, but would have rather had Kraft hired. Definitely will give Scott a chance before I judge. Not that my opinion is worth anything. I didn't learn much in Dr. Gary Sailes classes, but one thing he was 100% correct, networking is the key. It's not what you know...