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    Next 3 Commits?

    It looks like good news is coming soon on Maurice Freeman and Joshua Sales
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    Burks commits!

    Offers included Georgia Tech, Louisville, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Iowa State, Kansas State, Mississippi State, Purdue, North Carolina, Rutgers, Vanderbilt, Washington State, USF, UCF, Temple, Cincinnati, Appalachian State
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    McGraw flipped to Penn State

    Imagine having NFL aspirations and decommitting because of the hire of a literal NFL strength and conditioning coach
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    Any DL Coach chatter or new ideas?

    Seems pretty common sense to me to just hire from MSU's staff
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    Fox News with quite the takeaway from the Parnas interview

    "Parnas, in rare interview, undermines Dems' claims that Trump team surveilled Ukraine ambassador"
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    Documents released by Parnas attorney are intriguing
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    New TE coach

    Assumed the $500,000 being added to the assistants pool and going a cheaper route at OC would equal an elite hire for special teams...guess not
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    Some people have no shame...

    Unrelated to the current events unfolding, but it was cool of you to take your time to compile this and help others gain a better understanding of what is happening. Thanks!
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    Some people have no shame...

    Can everybody just stop replying to this person? Clearly a troll
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    Some people have no shame...

    Total popular vote from the people they are representing does decide the senate
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    Whop is coming back

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    Did Obama Strike a Deal with Qassem Suleimani in 2015?

    Hearing this from a Trump supporter is absolutely hilarious
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    Did Obama Strike a Deal with Qassem Suleimani in 2015?

    Remember when Obama struck the Iran deal which Mattis testified Iran was complying with and was working well, and then Trump decided that he'd rather score a win over Obama (in his mind) than ensure the continued safety of our country? I would think it would make everybody mad that our...
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    So the House has impeached President tRump

    You talk very confidently for clearly having no idea what's going on.
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    Jason Harris's official visit

    Multiple large accounts on twitter were saying it was a commitment, and reddit had it too. Got excited and jumped the gun, sorry :(
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    Jason Harris's official visit

    I'm now seeing a lot of debate on this, I changed the thread title to reflect this
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    Jason Harris's official visit

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    DeBoer to Fresno State??

    Yes, Brian Hartline played for the Dolphins. He is currently in his 2nd year as the WR coach at Ohio State and landed 4 of the top 15 receivers in the country this recruiting cycle (including flipping #1 from Penn State). Definition of a rising star
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    DeBoer to Fresno State??

    Brian Hartline needs to be call #1 imo if DeBoer does decide to leave. Would really love him and Mike Hart as co-offensive coordinators
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    Damarjhe Lewis Commits