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    Should I Let My Dog Eat Grass?

    Some dogs are grazers - my retriever eats certain kinds of leaves any time he can and doesn't get sick from it. Dogs like that are in the minority, though.
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    Was back visiting IN this past weekend. I've been in NC for 30 years basically, with a 2 year

    What part of NC And those are some pretty important distinctions to determine... Where in NC do you live? Mrs. Cabinetman and I used to live in Cary years ago. I loved NC.
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    Adam Kunkel (Belmont) to transfer

    Those matchups are almost always fantastic games - two really solid mid major programs with good coaching. Vince Gill used to show up for a lot of the Belmont games back when Byrd was coaching. I've never really understood why they don't have a bigger fan base considering the quality of their...
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    Adam Kunkel (Belmont) to transfer

    Agree 100% - I've seen him play 5 or 6 times and the kid can shoot, is mentally tough, plays hard, and at least an average defender. He didn't play much his freshman year and then took a quantum leap forward last year for Belmont. Shooting never goes out of style in basketball. A lot of...
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    Help, what was the name of the website for free card games

    Largemouth, I would make sure your virus scan software is up to date before you go checking out any websites recommended by anyone from this forum.
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    Anything worthwhile seeing in Evansville or nearby?

    That might be an understatement - back in the 80's you didn't want to be anywhere near that area. I would have lost a lot of money betting against the transformation that has taken place there.
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    Anything worthwhile seeing in Evansville or nearby?

    We've lived in Orlando and Raleigh prior to returning to Evansville. The lack of traffic and slower pace is a welcome trade off for me for the relative lack of major entertainment opportunities, and there has been a lot of good locally owned restaurants that have popped up in the last decade or...
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    Anything worthwhile seeing in Evansville or nearby?

    Agree w/Geddy - check out the LST if you have time. They just moved it last month to a higher profile location downtown by the casino on the riverfront - haven't been since the move but if you're into history the ship is well worth the time. The zoo is good for a city our size, but it's...
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    Hey good friends! Tell me it’s a great idea to buy a boat!!

    Bought a 19’ open bow runabout that was 8-10 years old - used it for more than a decade - sold it for $2,000 less than I paid and never had any repair bills beyond normal maintenance. Great investment in family time for us. Key is to never - under any circumstances - buy a new boat.