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    Billy Donovan fired

    Your apathy grows each year despite YoY improvement. That says everything we need to know. You should just move on...
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    Thank GOD you’re not the AD...
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    Kenya Hunter

    Never a sure thing, but this is about as home run as you’re going to get...
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    IU # 11 in Team Recruiting 2020

    Morgan blew up under CAM... So you just destroyed your argument.
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    Archie Recruiting -getting great players

    They HAVE been winning...
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    Justin Smith transfer

    Well, that sucks. Hurts our depth up front. Though he isn’t a great player, he was a solid defender and rebounder and always did a good job with cleanup buckets. Wish he would have stayed. If we get another good player up front or stay healthy up front, it won’t be a big loss. Hopefully we will...
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    2 ways to save the 2021 recruiting class

    Agree. 247 has them. They should implement here
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    Logan Duncomb Committs

    BLOCK the trolls. It’s simple and none of their BS pops up on my radar. It’s great
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    Logan Duncomb Committs

    I almost want to unblock him just to watch that moron squirm. But it’s not worth it.
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    Interesting read

    MJ and CBK
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    Indiana improved. Miller gets another year

    Cherry picking stays isn’t going to fly here. So take that shit outta here. Overall record improved year over year. SOS/ranking improved year over year. Period. Just suck it up buttercup. If you can’t handle it maybe go back to cheering for Purdoo
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    An open letter to Archie about arguing with the media.

    You’re grasping dude. It is very clear just by watching the games that IU is better. And the record shows it. So if you want to play that game, I’ll call your bullshit! According to IU SOS, that increased each of the last 3 years. So, while our overall record has improved, so has our SOS. What...
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    IU would have been in NCAA Tournament per Lunardi

    Seems pretty clear IU would have been in the tourney. Fact is, Archie has improved this team year over year and I don’t see any reason that trend won’t continue. He has built this team to be a 20+ win team year in and year out. Just keep chopping
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    An open letter to Archie about arguing with the media.

    This is a stupid post. He has done nothing but improve the last 3 years. Got check the record.
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    Big East tourney

    Won’t cost fans any money, because it was already announced that there wouldn’t be any fans in attendance
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    IU may have won the last game of the season

    You’re a ****ing idiot. Seriously. Unless this was TIC. If so, my apologies
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    Blew this game and the Maryland game...

    If we don’t make NCAA, I think it’s wrong, but we shouldn’t have put ourselves in this position. Gotta win a game to be sure.
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    FIVE points in last 6:52.. CLUTCH

    Missed some big FT that would have maintained or shifted momentum. Lots of breakdowns. I ****ing hate Wisconsin. Always have and always will.
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    Don’t try to change the tune. Your BS story is just that. BS