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    Big Ten schedule on Fox right now

    Probably had to go back to work.
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    BIG 10 expected to approve fall football season within the next 72 hours…. Developing…

    Your statement is a microcosm of what has been happening all over the world. No one is certain how best to proceed. Countries, governors have tried their own methods, mayors, national chain retailers, and the US government. That's because this is a very unique virus and it keeps progressing...
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    Today only

    Was wondering how many football players got the virus
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    Today only

    Why was is postponed?
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    Leaders of political parties

    Iowa is the first state to start doing Covid antigen testing. Started 8/27. The article states you are going to get more positives but the testing is not quite as accurate as before. Also with this testing one county would go from 6.6% to 11.6% positive rate. Iowa 7 day average of deaths is...
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    Leaders of political parties

    Mortality rate in the US now at 3% which is the lowest since April 6. Deaths last three days under 500 per day.
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    Which QB will transfer (a hypothetical)?

    This could be interesting for Tuttle. Tuttle would again be a R-So next year and in his 4th year academically ? Say he doesn't play much (although I think he will play and do good) then if he transfers he will have to sit out a year and he will be in his 5th year academically but a R-JR. Does...
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    Brownburg beats X in overtime...

    Interfered with na. Liam Clifford had no problem.
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    Brownburg beats X in overtime...

    He might well be a stud. But in this game he was kept under control and dropped a pass a stud should have caught.
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    Brownburg beats X in overtime...

    This is what I saw after watching about half the game. Brownsburg WR/DB Lacey is a very good HS player. The St.X QB is going to be really good as he is just a junior I believe. The Brownsburg Purdue recruit did not impress me. Sales never let his opponent (who was big) through the line but I...
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    Lawrence North at Marion - 7:30 P.M. Kickoff . . .

    I would think they would give McCully a year to learn the offense.
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    2021 IU football recruiting wish list

    bonus points?
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    Part 2, "Just The Facts Ma'am", (Including Some Actual Facts)

    Anybody get Covid while your granddaughter was at the daycare ?
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    There seems to be slight hope that some Big Ten teams will play football this year...

    How does this work? If the B10 does not play any games and seniors or even underclassman are granted an extra year of eligibility but the SEC, ACC, B12 play games this year. Does that mean that the B10 and Pac12 would have a lot more players on roster that would be eligible in 2021 and beyond...
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    Is IU in danger of losing sports over football?

    That does not include football but I am not sure about mens BB
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    Donovan McCulley stats

    Sounds like their offense needs a lot of work too.
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    Donovan McCulley stats

    Brady Allen's team got beat 48-6 by Columbus North.
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    "Just The Facts Ma'am, Just The Facts".

    You said to use your multiplication formula for Italy to compare to US so I gave you the current stats from Johns Hopkins for comparison which shows Italy is doing worse. That's all. Yes we could be doing worse than Italy in 6 weeks and then we could be doing better than Italy in 6 weeks...
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    "Just The Facts Ma'am, Just The Facts".

    Of course you didn't take anything out of context. What was I thinking? And as I stated I found the concept interesting which of course doesn't invite any "intelligent discussion". I can see from your history of posting it typically ends with you getting emotional and the name calling begins...