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    Cav, don't watch the highlight video of Romeo on the newstand...

    You guys all act like Romeo was bad at IU. He just didn’t live up to your absurdly high expectations.
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    Trey Patterson

    Lander is not overrated. Not too many players, even the guys in the top 30, are able to adjust to college ball right away. If lander can average 7 ppg and have a 2:1 TO ratio or something similar, he’ll have had a very good year. People think 5*s are supposed to come in and score 20 ppg. That’s...
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    Ignore button

    I currently have 11 people on my ignore list and counting
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    Rank the Roster Talent Next Season

    I don’t see how Franklin is ahead of Phinisee for potential, and I’m a big fan of Armaan.
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    Logan Duncomb Committs

    Funny thing is there isn’t
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    Way-too-early top 25 college basketball teams for next year

    We could be 7th in the conference and finish in the top 25. BIG is literally the SEC for football, now with actual title contenders
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    Nothing has changed.

    I think fk is just superstitious and feels like he has to post these every time Indiana is down. It’s worked so many times it’s unreal
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    This whole post is dumb and I’m pretty convinced you’re a troll. But I’ll respond. You think complaining is helping? What do you thinks going to happen. I’ve been on this board after a loss before. Everyone complains about everything, and none of them know anything about basketball. The players...
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    Because who wants to be on this board full of sad whiny losers that overreact to every loss. This board is unbearable after every loss
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    This team hasn’t done enough to make the tournament yet, not by a long shot

    Purdue and Arkansas are both Q2, but still not that bad. A lot better than some teams tho
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    This team hasn’t done enough to make the tournament yet, not by a long shot

    Uhhh we only need 1. Even with 18 I see us getting in
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    Race Thompson as a Senior.

    Lol ignore bye
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    Typical Archie....

    Ignore bye
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    It's OK. His brother played at the "University of Indiana"

    He’s since been destroyed. Was Is correct
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    Butler has had a great schedule. They’re 4-1 vs Q1 and 5-0 vs Q2, better than IU’s 2-3 and 2-0. They’re 1 loss is to number 2 Baylor by 1 at Baylor.
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    Funny you get so bent up over a “childish attack” even though you are at the same time complaining about players from our team.
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    Hall of Calls

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    We need to get to 20-3

    if we hadn’t barely beaten NW and were more competitive against Maryland, we’d be ranked. The WL isn’t the only metric people use. The eye test is a thing