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  1. JWilk1234

    Lots of smoke about a Thanksgiving week start date

    Lots of smoke about an October 10th start. Apparently there is going to be a new vote today at some point.
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    Re-Opening Plan

    Just checked it out and the first post I saw was talking about texting and driving. o_O Aren't there moderators on here? Pretty sure another forum would fit better for these post. lol
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    QB depth chart

    I'm going to try and start an actual football thread on this board. Projected QB depth chart. One through 3 are fairly obvious. Penix Tuttle Williams After them is where I have a question. Do you slot in the 3 redshirt freshman walk-on QBs or put an athlete at four (emergency) like Taylor?
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    Re-Opening Plan

    This doesn't seem like a football post.
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    I am going to poll this every few weeks.

    As small of a sample size as this is, the results are misleading, because around 66% of us think there will be some form of a football season this year.
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    Hoosiers Trending For 4-Star QB

    Finally some football related news!!!
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    Good article about Wellman

    James coming back and the hire of Wellman finally gives us some good news this offseason.
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    Rivals NSD Winners and Losers...

    I think a large part of it has to do with the "rep" that IU football has. We have been historically bad and when the recruits come into Memorial stadium attendance is dismal. If you're a 4 star recruit would you rather go play for 90,000 fans in Lincoln or 25,00-40,000 in Bloomington...
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    Not feeling confident about this. Hope he proves me wrong.
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    Special Teams Questions, couple of comments

    The onside kick falls squarely on CTA and Inge. Cooper had zero chance to get that ball.
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    Who will be today's surprise Stud Signer?

    I completely agree with this. Guys were coming here the past couple of years because we didn't have much depth and they knew they could play as true freshman. Now we are returning a large portion of our team, and I believe we will be red-shirting a lot more players this year then in years...
  12. JWilk1234

    I'll start throwing out the names......(10 to consider)

    I hope he does! I just don't want to see somebody promoted to the job from within. We don't want guys that are learning on the fly anymore. I hope that Coach Hart gets a crack at being OC one day, but it needs to be after he shows he can do the job at a smaller school first.
  13. JWilk1234

    A good solid "depth" class

    This class has a lot of size which is nice. You just have to trust the coaching staff is doing their job with player evaluation and not just going after body frames. Like CTA said during the press conference guys don't grow much taller after they get on campus. There is a flip side to that...
  14. JWilk1234

    I'll start throwing out the names......(10 to consider)

    CTA said in his press conference that his phone has been blowing up since the announcement with guys interested in the job. Hopefully this means he takes his time and does a national search.
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    LOL Thank you football Czar.
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    I disagree. I think they are playing games and its smoke and mirrors. To be honest I like it! The opposition has to prepare for both players. Now its more difficult to prepare for two different QBs then two different running backs, but Purdue (and now Tennessee) have to watch tape on both guys.
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    Sellout Expected for Gator Bowl

    That sounds like a steal at this point.
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    Recruiting ranking changing?

    Team recruiting rankings are largely based on quantity of recruits. This will be a small class for IU. We might not even have 20 sign.
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    new commit

    Dylan Powell just committed. Grad transfer from Stanford I believe. I think he has more then one year of eligibility also.