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    IU is going to the elite 8 this year

    I would bet on it that IU gets to the Elite 8-and probably better-in men's soccer. Basketball? Not so sure.
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    Proposal for spring soccer

    Great finds SNowling, as usual!
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    Does UN belong

    As long as Frost is at Nebraska, they won’t be any good.
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    Will Painter get the big one today?

    Top 10 prospect Harrison Ingram to announce his college choice this afternoon. Purdue and Stanford believed to be the favorites. Michigan in the mix as well.
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    Proposal for spring soccer

    The spring plan has been passed, pending approval by the D1 board of directors. Spring soccer is something I remember Jerry advocating for when I was a student in the 90s. This will be an interesting experiment.
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    Proposal for spring soccer

    I'm assuming they'll use indoor facilities with little or no fans. A College Cup on campus sites would be nice in May-no need to go to Santa Barbara. Did you notice only 12 at-large bids! Better win your conference.
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    Proposal for spring soccer
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    Lovie Smith's son arrested in AZ.

    Reminds me of Parish Casebier from UE. He got convicted for the same thing.
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    He really came out of nowhere his freshman year when Blackmon got injured. He changed that whole season after an awful start.
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    Furlough cuts

    More cuts to come it sounds like.
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    I can't drive 55!

    I'm one of the few who liked Hagar better than Roth as frontman in VH. Maybe its my age, as I started listening in the mid 80s. I always found Diamond Dave too annoying. Both, however were better than Gary Cherone.
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    I can't drive 55!

    When I saw the title of the thread, I was expecting some discussion of the Red Rocker, which would have been fine. But it turned out even better :cool:
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    Josh Penn gone/signed with Indy 11

    The 2 semester season was an idea to help shed that reputation. Of course it was tabled when COVID hit. From IUs perspective, forward is probably their deepest position, so they'll still be strong up top: Bezerra, Endeley, Goumballe, Warr, Ian Black... Of course this assumes we'll have...
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    Josh Penn gone/signed with Indy 11

    Best of luck. He'll be in MLS soon
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    IU Athletics unveils Tardy Center

    Nice project and long overdue.
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    Fall sports cancelled

    I hope you’re right and we see soccer in the spring. IT’d be a shame if a team with this much talent never got to take the field. And if they play in the spring/summer, let’s do the College Cup on campus sites. No need to go to Florida or Cali. when the weather in Bloomington is just fine.
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    Fall sports cancelled

    Although I think soccer could play in the spring, assuming the COVID situation has improved. They could play much more easily than football and still be recovered in time for a fall 2021 season.
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    3 Louisville soccer players dismissed

    Since we won't have IU soccer this fall, you might enjoy reading about the situation with the Louisville men's program. 3 players kicked off for throwing a campus party that led to 29 positive COVID cases. The coach is John Michael Hayden, who was a key player on IU's 2003 and 2004 title teams...
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    Check out the "we want to play" twitter response...could get interesting

    Frosty is pretty full of himself. I will never get over the fact that he tried to bully the Big Ten office into giving him a favorable schedule when he had 1 year of experience coaching in this league-and a losing season at that. He thought he had so much pull.
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    A shout-out to Snowling

    Snowling is awesome-he keeps me company on the Soccer Forum and always finds any article that has anything do do with IU.