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    Is Ballou leaving for Alabama?

    A few other sources like Oregon’s S&C coach as the next for Alabama. Says he is from the area and that Saban wants someone who has been in an established and successful program. If that’s true, I like the chances of IU keeping the same S&C staff.
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    With Ramsey and Cronk gone, are there 2 remaining spots for 2020? Possibly more with 2 soft commits. I’m excited to see the surprises come signing day on Wednesday.
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    Remaining DE targets

    Larkins committed to N.C. State. Down to one remaining target unless there’s someone else being kept secret.
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    Remaining DE targets

    Appears as if Mims is no longer taking his official visit. Might mean that Mayala is currently enjoying his visit.
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    Other 2 assistants?

    Jason Jones has been hired as safeties coach and coach T moves to special teams per sources. Good call whoever made this prediction about a week ago.
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    Of the current commits thus far...The positives

    Positive that there are 9 early enrollees including the grad transfer. Talent makes a roster deeper, but experience from the extra semester on campus will make the roster deeper in the fall.
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    IU/Ball State Line of Scrimmage.

    Still early in the game, but Minnesota’s OL is 6’6” 340 avg compared to South Dakota st DL at 6’2” 257 and there has been plenty of pressure on MN QB. Game is scoreless after 1Q to play. Does not seem like Minnesota line is dominating anything despite a big size advantage. With that said, I...
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    Aamaris Brown decommit

    Does anyone have details? There was no article posted or twitter posting. Best of luck to him, he has plenty of time to find a good fit.
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    SIAP Anyone notice Pechac moved to DB?

    I read in another thread that he has elected to retire from the IU program. That is too bad, but I have no insights as to what the circumstances are.
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    Welcome JeJuan Sparks!! Commit #10

    I can appreciate the discussion on academics, however IU has the chance to add two more very capable DL from this same high school. It would be great if they snag both of these guys in my opinion. That would make an all Clearwater DL and then DK behind them. At this point I’d imagine the...
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    2020 Recruiting Updates

    And Peny Boone is off the board. Committed to Maryland. I’m assuming RB is not a big position of need and that could have influenced his decision. Too bad because more depth is nice to have, but the backfield is already in good shape.
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    2020 Recruiting Updates

    I agree. This past weekend was not great from what the outsiders can tell. Lots of big names off the board, but there were also lots of visitors. What happens in the background is hard to speculate about. We need to remember that it is the middle of June and the 2020 signing day is a ways off...
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    New Commit Christopher Keys Defensive Back from Mississippi

    Updated ranking on 247 as 3 star “88”. Not bad for an initial rank!
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    Demarcus Elliott commits

    Just to clarify, he is in the 2019 class correct? Not sure why, but rivals has him listed for 2020. This is a boost in immediate depth and nice to have two interior guys that played snaps last year even if it was at the juco level. I’m curious to see how the remaining spots get used.
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    Spring Game Review

    Is there anywhere I can find the game not on a personal DVR?
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    Kristian Williams decommits from Minnesota

    Signing at 9am from his high school tomorrow (his Twitter).
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    Adarius Tolliver

    I am satisfied with where OL recruiting stands right now. The main difference is what has been brought up here. Other teams in our division start off with “better guys” or develop “two star guys”. The next year or two will prove if the S&C will pay off for OL recruiting and the team as a whole...
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    Not sure if this means a thing....

    Along with Kamar Bell, Ira Henry, and Rashean Lynn. Huge weekend for IUFB. Could be pivotal for the next few seasons to come. Word is that numbers are set for 2 OL, 1 DL, 1 S/DB, and 1 WR. Not sure how realistic this is, but my list would be Bell, Henry, Williams, Powell, and Jones.
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    So who are we closing with?

    Accept verbals for 30 seconds until they sign on February 6th? Multiple sources have said that it’s going to be Powell if he flips and hopper is the #2 DB choice. Same goes for Jean.