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    IU is going to the elite 8 this year

    I would never bet against IU. But having said they have what? One returning double digit scorer, one or zero all conference players? Zero proven outside shooting? Two players over 6'8"? Maybe you were just trying to get some discussion going.
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    eFG% in the NBA is as high as it's ever been and TO% is lower in the last few years is lower than it's ever been. That doesn't suggest that there is a lot of good defense. All they do is shoot 3s all day and no one guards it. Celtics held the Heat to 117. See how one game comparisons work?
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    Duncomb seems to know he is a true inside post and he plays bigger because of long arms. I'd like to see him develop that midrange jumper like Eric Anderson used to have. Work 16 feet and in. That freshman year may be quite an awakening though if Brunk and TJD are both gone.
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    Demeanor. They both show maturity and humility and leadership and I see in Kaufman a young guy who knows he has to be more than a single threat to be a solid pro. Brogdon is also that way. Both are combos though not the same position. Brogdon has first step quickness and toughness when he...
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    Romeo Now #26!

    14. Celtics draft Romeo Langford What am I missing here?
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    The Kaufman kid seems very bright and is perfectly sized for the pro game. He would do wonders for IU around a PG and true post players as a slasher and outside scorer. Unfortunately he reminds me a bit Malcolm Brogden. Hope he picks IU though.
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    Saddest day in IU basketball history. Probably almost as sad to see no one around anymore who even cares. We don't need to rehash anything, but man was that a miserable day as an IU fan. Watching how good Victor, Yogis, Cody, Thomas Bryant, OG have all been in the NBA just reminds one how...
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    The mentality is to keep the game close via offense then try to win in the last 2 minutes. There don't seem to be a lot of guys who want to keep a team from scoring. Nor are there many players who ever use discretion in putting up a long three. Coaches use to demand that good shooters take...
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    Coach Hunter conversation

    I think the question to ask him is: "Obviously talent is important but in the Big Ten there is talent on every team. What do you need to do to help Indiana be at the top of the standings on a regular basis? What differentiates a good team from a great team and what role do assistants play in...
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    Stat of the day: Gordon passes Woodson

    Eric Gordon has passed 11,000 career points in the NBA, and in doing so has passed Mike Woodson on the All-time list of former IU Hoosiers. He now trails only (both) Van Arsdales, McGinnis, Zeke, and Bellamy on the career points log.
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    Line up

    IU is desperately small, yes. And if there is a season it will be a problem. Teams will get TJD in foul trouble and IU will have few options to guard in the paint. Hunter is not strong enough to guard real 4s.
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    Kaufman/ Norh Carolina offer..

    Sounds like you are suggesting that consequences for breaking NCAA rules shouldn't count against Louisville.
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    Cav, don't watch the highlight video of Romeo on the newstand...

    Romeo may be on Jay Edwards' NBA trajectory? Heard it here first.
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    The Mighty Quinn

    I certainly remember this one...
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    2020-21 Playing Time

    I agree with a lot of those allocations. But Brunk will play more than 10 a game. Teams will bring it at TJD. Key to beating IU is getting him in foul trouble early.
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    The "Protesters" even defaced the 54th Monument...

    This article adds some additional information, such as the role white women played in the fruition of monuments of the confederate. Perhaps what should be considered or debated is whether Lincoln, and of course his successor, Johnson, were wrong in being lenient on southern reconstruction and...
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    Justin Smith transfer

    Geronimo and Hunter can replace Justin outside, but inside the only solution is finding a big guy to add to the team. But finding a big guy who doesn't need to score should not be too difficult.
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    Justin Smith transfer

    This pretty much sums it up. But IU still desperately needs another big guy.
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    Justin Smith transfer

    I agree with this. For his athleticism, he was very weak with the ball and nonchalant about understanding the value of possession. But he was strong and could rebound and score some. He must be replaced with a big guy.
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    Justin Smith transfer

    Miller has to replace him with a true power forward or center immediately. 6'9"" or bigger. And 230+. IU will be brutally under-sized again this coming season otherwise. And the following season they will be downright anemic in the post. They could have used Luke Fisher in this class.