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    New Schedule

    Anybody know the time of the PSU game?
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    Jordyn Williams commits to IU

    Not always about the rankings. Coaches must see something in the way he plays that makes them think it will fit their scheme. Most didn't see David Ellis being a major star but our coaching staff did...
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    Nick Wright's evaluation of Joe Burrow

    If there is going to be the conversation of QB ready talent I think it is Burrow 100%. With the way the NFL is going though in terms of QB "prototype" I see a Tua asset being used. Do I personally think Tua himself will be good in the NFL not entirely. I would personally pick Hurts over Tua in...
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    2021 football recruiting

    It's nice when there is an open dialogue between our rival schools. I don't like Purdue anymore than you like us. At the same time I respect the opinions that are stated by you guys when it isn't just because you hate us. I will say personally that RB recruit you guys signed looks scary fast...
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    Update on OC?

    To me that also helps quite a bit as well. Makes it easier and to see which coaches want the position while also keeping an eye on other targets. I have a feeling Keen was one that called in
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    OC Candidates with Interesting Resumes

    100% agree as well
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    Update on OC?

    That's what I am loving about this as well. People aren't looking at this job and not wanting to come. They want an opportunity with our players!
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    Update on OC?

    That's who I was thinking too. His offense looked very similar to Deboer's of course since they worked together. I noticed he doesn't utilize the TE as much in the passing game though. Wonder if that would change when coming here. Maybe Allen will say the TE use will be needed more.
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    Update on OC?

    Has there been any update on potential replacements on OC?
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    PSU vs Minny

    Man you just can't stop can you? Nothing ever positive comes out of your mouth regarding IUFB. IF and thats big IF you do say something somewhat nice its always a backhanded compliment. Go to the PU board where you belong and we all know you'd love to praise the "god" himself Bhrombardi
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    Maryland getting destroyed.

    I saw that too and LOL'd. Mostly because he ran out after seeing the score at half. He truly didn't want to go there and it was apparent.
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    Purdue win

    Who cares?
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    Joe Bachie, MSU, fails drug test, out for year

    Yet the NCAA will find a way to bring him back next year for a whole new granted year.
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    Weather Saturday

    You can get the setbacks there at the game? I haven't seen them at that stadium. If they are, I guess I haven't paid much attention to them.
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    Weather Saturday

    It's a perfect big ten slug fest.
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    I got put in Visitors section....

    They are good seats no doubt. I was just figuring I'd be placed not in the "visitors" section. At the same time as others have said that's probably a good sign as well.
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    I got put in Visitors section....

    I am in section two on the press box side where the "visitor fans" are usually sitting. I also agree of getting rid of a "visitors" section."
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    I got put in Visitors section....

    That's what I was thinking happened. I just know when it comes to the Michigan game the fans will be quite annoying. I find them just as annoying as OSU and PU fans honestly.
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    I got put in Visitors section....

    I ordered the ticket promo for the Northwestern game and Michigan game. I just saw my tickets and I saw that I am in section 2 "Visitors" section. Why would they put me in the visitors section especially if I'm buying directly from them and an alum?