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    Anyone ready to be a Reds announcer

    From the CYA department..... Well, you see boss, on the way to the ballpark I must have seen a million Trump flags and I couldn't get it off my mind. I meant to say flags and got a little distracted with the popcorn guy giving me a bag. Too bad Marge is gone. Apologies for the Trump mention...
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    Righteous Jams

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    RIP my sister

    Remember the laughter,always. Condolences
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    International students

    Speaking of evil corporations.... I watched a James Carville interview this week and of course the media picked on what he said about the president resigning before the election. Meh. What he said about voter suppression in Georgia was far more interesting. What to do about it? he said he can...
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    Anti-Corona, Anti-Hate Jams

    Two professions that need all the help they can get during these trying times.
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    It's getting worse and worse.

    No, the message is a bit mixed. Don't wear a mask and you'll end up an emaciated zombie. Wear a mask and avoid such a fate. I didn't stick around for a conversation. But you are correct, he has his rahghts to express whatever foolishness he wants. I took it as a protest against common sense and...
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    It's getting worse and worse.

    I'll do my best to describe what I saw at Rural King yesterday. An old rusted out pickup with assorted junk in the bed. Propped up in the back facing out was some sort of what I think was a Halloween yard decoration. A three foot tall emaciated zombie like figure with a sign hanging around his...
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    It's getting worse and worse.

    Perspectives on the alien invasion. More of a sparrow's eye view of the virus but a quick read 1950's sort of alien invasion short story. I'm just gonna drop it here. The last sentence is what makes it eligible for a post to the cooler...."it will be great fun..."...
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    A Biden presidency could spell another depression

    That is a great question. The current president can sit on his big mac and create issues that don't really exist or are illegal. Voting by mail leads to corrupt elections, walls to keep out the bad actors (serious irony) and get the idea. A pro worker President could use a...
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    Aunt Jemima is no more!

    Just stumbled across this.
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    US Attorney for SDNY abruptly out of a job

    I'd rather "film at 11:00" than another tell all book a year from now.
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    US Attorney for SDNY abruptly out of a job

    I thought Berman was a temp. What rights could a temp have to be able to keep his job when his boss tells him to go away? Oh.........never mind.
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    Bonds, Clemens? Not a traditionalist eh. I don't think they should be in or they should all be in, one extreme or the other. Either way makes sense to me, but I don't like to see cheaters prosper. Apologies to Toasted for the digression.
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    But they will never get there along with Rose. Some things just won't be forgiven. OTOH McGwire's rookie season without the dope? was something to behold.
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    Those were the days....Nixon, Hoover,& BeBe Not to be contrary, but if Nixon is a great president then Sosa and McGwire belong in Cooperstown.
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    Things will get interesting in Atlanta

    Or we can make every dead AA a MAGA rally. Hint: it's not political.
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    Things will get interesting in Atlanta

    1.08 doesn't indicate to me that he was sh*t faced. And yeah I'd a told him the cops were on the way, go home.
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    Things will get interesting in Atlanta

    The real question is why is everyone so afraid? Why didn't someone go knock on his window and tell him it was burger time,wake up.