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    Fouling up 0-3 The stats

    If not familiar with the “Fenlon Rule” (up 3, under 7) read below. Fenlon was Brad Steven’s coach at DePauw and is widely acknowledged as a pioneer in analyzing this situation.
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    2022 Recruiting Thread

    Sub “contributor” for “monster” and I’d agree. But saying “monster“—even qualified by “might be” is setting a high expectation. Higher than makes sense based on those program’s talent levels. He’s not going to lead Creighton or Butler in assists/scoring. He’s just not. I get that he fits...
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    2022 Recruiting Thread

    My questioning of the top 100’s who don’t work out was specific to the IU players mushroom named—not any given year of top 100’s.
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    2022 Recruiting Thread

    No argument there. You seem to prefer Rivals, so I added Howard since you expanded the timeframe. Again—how many of those top 100’s didn’t live up to the hype? (Not including obvious injury). IU wins the rankings game, but how well did that work out? I still contend many of those players...
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    2022 Recruiting Thread

    You said Smith would be a “monster” for a program like Butler or Creighton. Which implies his teammates would be lesser players. If you look at both programs’ rosters, it’s far fetched to say a player who projects like Smith would be a monster. Butler’s top 100’s on Rivals were Tucker and...
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    2022 Recruiting Thread

    Off the top of my head, in Rivals rankings I think there’s 4 since ‘11. (More if other services are included.) Smith is intriguing and if he ended up at Butler he could contribute. But he’s likely to be more of a distributor in their system as well—he’ll have trouble getting his shot off to...
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    2022 Recruiting Thread

    I said Butler doesn’t have the kind of success they’ve had when a player similar to Smith is considered a “monster” on the team, not that they have higher ranked recruits than IU. If you want to say IU is winning the rankings game, that’s fair. But that’s not my point. Butler players are more...
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    2022 Recruiting Thread

    Was just waiting for someone to pull out the “nice player for Butler” comparison—this is a variation on that. Have you watched a Butler game in the past 8-10 years? Or even since joining the Big East? They don’t have the success they’ve had if a player like Smith is considered a “monster”.
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    Trey Patterson

    The Stevens to IU talk is pointless—but understand the “what could have been” angle. He wasn’t leaving Butler to go to IU. He was captivated by the NBA game and was waiting for the right team to come calling. They did—end of story.
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    University of Kentucky Basketball Team-Really??

    Butler had a couple of impact players of late from KY in Shelvin Mack and Kelan Martin. UK came sniffing around Mack again after he committed.:rolleyes:
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    Indiana Brunk v. Butler Brunk

    Brunk actually started 15 of 19 Big East games. Started second game of conference games and dropped out in early March—which my Butler friends attribute to lack of production combined with having “checked out”.
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    Rob was clearly tripped

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    Doyle Column

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    Bob Knight will

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    A couple promotional things for tonight's game..

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    OT - Evansville fires McCarty

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    Lavall Jordan.

    Ha—you and I have different definitions of “crushing”.
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    Lavall Jordan.

    Don’t think Butler isn’t already figuring out how to sweeten Jordan’s pot. He’ll get lots of looks at the end of the season.
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