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    Ramsey update

    Well we could potentially, and Coy Cronk of Iowa, if we win our division and Northwestern or Iowa wins theirs.
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    the rise of the transfer portal

    I think the transfer portals are a result of the pay-the-players push. I see the portals as the free agency of college football. Players look at all the money the schools make from the conference TV networks, and the least they can get out of the deal is some mobility. While everyone is saying...
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    Everyone who thought the Vols might try an onside kick

    I agree, need to run forward when you see what is happening. At least give yourself a chance, but to not even contest it is agonizing.
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    Everyone who thought the Vols might try an onside kick

    I did, and I'll tell you why. Remember in the first quarter Pruitt went for it on fourth down in his own half of the field? He didn't respect our D. As to the onsides kick, I think he thought even if IU recovers the kick, there were four minutes left and he had three TOs. If he kicked deep, and...
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    Will Ramsey stay?.....

    I think that after all the games he basically won single-handedly for us, he deserves the job going into the off-season. Then you have camp and see who emerges. Also, coach shouldn't rule out using two QBs, as he announced last year. Next, Peyton could enter the transfer portal and gauge...
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    7-years at $3.9mm?!?!?

    It comes down to this. Changing the culture and improving recruiting outweigh any on-field decisions. Because without us doing the first two, the third is irrelevant.
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    61,789 at the Gator Bowl

    I think the Sugar Bowl was only in the 50s.
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    Reframing this loss

    Although this was really painful, and next season we'll have to listen to announcers say "the Hoosiers haven't won a bowl game since 1991," what is really most important in measuring progress is that we beat one of these three teams: Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State. I took Michigan State off...
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    7-years at $3.9mm?!?!?

    He's the right man for the job. The program is in good health. We will win the conference and make the playoffs when we get more 4-, 5-stars. Out-of-state guys like IU. Who doesn't like to be at IU? But I have one request of our staff. Do not start playing conservatively with a precarious lead...
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    DeBoer is overrated.

    We quit the running game early, and I understand why. But when we did run, it was right at them, which had no chance. I would have at least tried to run outside a few times. How about a jump pass? That could work against a strong pass rush.
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    Hey Guys

    I want to win the conference too, but Ohio State is still in it.
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    The cost of this loss

    Winning this game would have paid countless dividends. Beating an SEC team in Florida would have had immeasurable value on a national level. Yes, the 8-4 regular season is one to be valued and definitely will keep our momentum going, but I think we would be closer to our destination if we put...
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    Hey Guys

    Oh yes, Jack Daniel's all over campus, jackets and ties at the game.
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    Peyton Ramsey

    Peyton Ramsey is a football player. Maybe if we picked up the blitzes a little better, he wouldn't be running for his life every other play. We'll be lucky if he comes back next year. But this loss really hurts.
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    Hey Guys

    I've liked the Vols since going to a game at Neyland years ago while at IU. It's good for football when the Vols are playing well, just was hoping they would come up short in this one.
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    Tom Allen cost us the game

    How many times have we wilted when we needed a first down? All we needed was one first down after Tennessee's first TD in the fourth quarter. This is a sickening loss. While I'm at it, I would have tried a 62-yard field goal at the end. Weather was good. The Vols did everything they could to...
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    Pretty obvious the Ohio State TD reversal

    One of the most costly call reversals in college football history.
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    Charlie Spegal

    14-0, No. 1 in the state. Class 5-A champs
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    Charlie Spegal

    Guys who put up those kinds of numbers almost always turn out to be successful, because they are winners. What was the hesitation on this guy getting offers? Army offered him. If it's a size issue, some of the greatest of all time were 5'8". 24-7 Sports lists him as 5-10. He also played for a...
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    DeBoer to Fresno State??

    It's speculation. He could be a candidate at a Power 5 conference school at this rate. Just because he was Fresno State OC doesn't mean he's going back there. He definitely had a good year at IU, but I think we also had the players in place to make it happen. I wouldn't become overly concerned...