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    A Misdirected Laff

    So then what happened?
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    The Mighty Quinn

    RMK once commented to the effect that when he is leaving the floor, and looking up at the scoreboard after he coaches his final game he will know that he had never coached a better leader than Quinn Buckner.
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    The Mighty Quinn

    Yep, I sure do. Those were great years.
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    per broilee fans: Nojel is the next Rodman...

    He might be like Rodman if he starts wearing wedding dresses. That's his only chance.
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    History: Knight scarred Frieder

    Ok. If you are not being a dick than you are an idiot with too much time on his hands. ""I used "than" rather than "then" to REALLY jerk your chain.""
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    History: Knight scarred Frieder

    This article fails to explain how Knight supported Frieder in that earlier interview. Frieder had been coming under alot of fire from the media. Knight saw the call for a T as a huge betrayal since he had just done him a favor.
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    All-TIme Indiana Basketball Starting 5 (link)

    Ho Hum, Just another guys opinion.
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    Got a grad transfer that will help

    Jim Thorpe joins IU coaching staff.
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    Ignore button

    I'm a huge user of the ignore feature. Can't believe nobody else has responded to this thread so far.
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    Can everyone agree

    I don't know how it was intended, but I read his comment as: if things with this pandemic are so bad that we dont have basketball then the pandemic is having very dire consequences for our country in general.
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    Haarms transferring?

    Yes, he has entered the portal and deleted from their projected roster. Purdue says his time at PU is done.
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    I told the taxi driver to take me where I can get a little action; he took me to MY house!
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    My top 5 players at IU

    Premium doesn't have the trolls but there are still loads of idiots.
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    I remember Youngman. He was great.
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    Talk to your wife, forget the jokes.
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    what high school did you attend what year

    1976 Bates High School. Carrie ruined the prom.
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    1979 NIT FINAL

    It was kinda interesting. For those who were around back then you probably recall this. First year for the CCA in 1974 (it only lasted a couple years) it was started so conference runner ups had a chance to play in a tournament. Had potential to be bigger than the NIT. (The NCAA tournament back...
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    1979 NIT FINAL

    I think RMK respected the tradition of the NIT which in those days featured some very good teams. When the NCAA expanded even further it then left alot fewer quality teams for the NIT. RMK hated the CCA tournament from the early 1970s which featured all the major conference runner ups.
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    Will the Helms championship mean something this year?

    Non essential businesses being forced to close during the pandemic. Those bakers have time on their hands. They will be looking for relevance again.
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    Rank these 10 former IU players

    I can't believe Sweet River Baines isn't on that list.