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    Not disagreeing in general, but I watched the Celtics/Raptors series and it was tremendous. The Raptors, IMO greatly outmanned talent-wise, put up a great fight. Talk about mental toughness! Anyway, the season has been so screwed up due to the virus and how the players have had to be isolated...
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    Bob Wilkerson was a good pro for many years, probably as long or even longer than Quinn.
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    Interesting in that on another board I’m a member of, which has a lot of well informed folks, it’s his Mom that is the driving force behind wanting him to go to IU. It’s Trey that wants to keep his options open. It sounds like UVA is the serious comp here but that OU still is most likely.
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    For him to be a great pro he really needs a lot of development offensively. He can streak shoot the 3, but the others parts of his offensive game are severely lacking. Let’s hope he gets some great coaching in the years to come. He’s very young so plenty of time.
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    2021 IU recruiting thread

    Supposedly TK is traveling to UNC and UVA this weekend as a visitor only meaning no coach interactions or school hosting allowed. This might actually be very good news for IU. It seems like he’s getting his curiosity and some due diligence fulfilled in anticipation of committing real soon...
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    They are going to be very difficult to defend, surrounding Garza with a fleet of perimeter shooters. They will have the deepest guard talent in the league, if not the entire NCAA. The team(s) that can figure out defending the 3-line against them and controlling Garza with one post player will be...
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    Line up

    I think the ‘plan’ is Race, Duncomb, Kaufman and Miller.
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    Line up

    Don’t kid yourself. We aren’t good enough to not immediately start 5-stars with the array of skills Lander has. He’ll be starting with Al and Rob. He’ll really help Rob be effective as an off the ball scorer. Lander will also help make TJD more effective in the pick and roll. He’ll also help...
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    If FB is cancelled, little hope for BB

    This is beyond ignorant. If you are this unaware you are one sorry MF. Borderline racist too. I bet you wouldn’t describe him as “smooth” if he were White.
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    Romeo got some time last night

    Quinn Buckner and Bob Wilkerson were both mediocre shooters but were winners who had long NBA careers. The idiot on here who’s continuously knocking Romeo is forgetting that Romeo is a very young player, who most importantly has the backing of his coach. I actually think he’s in a very good...
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    Blake Wesley

    Wesley makes it look easy. All legs and arms. A backcourt if Lander and Wesley would be special.
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    Bruiser Flint

    He coached previously at Warren Central, where he was very successful.
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    Bruiser Flint

    How about Greg Graham? He’s been a very successful Indiana high school coach.
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    If FB is cancelled, little hope for BB

    Nonsense. The media isn’t responsible for developing a national strategy to combat this. It’s all about leadership. Aside from a number of governors and local officials there hasn’t been any. You can’t wish this thing away.
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    Logan Duncomb

    Kaufman and Wesley look like future pros. Great skills and athleticism. We get them and the future really looks bright.
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    Nojel a Fightin' Wolowitz...

    Howard also has Makur Makur coming in who’s ranked no. 18 in his class. Pretty good defensive building blocks for Howard. It’s great for DMV basketball to have a competitive Howard around.
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    Kaufman/ Norh Carolina offer..

    It doesn’t sound like Trey is a high priority for UNC. Supposedly Roy hasn’t even spoken to him. The recruitment is being handled by an assistant. They are bringing in several top 50 wings and big forwards both in 2021 and 2022 so potential PT could be in question anyway. It seems highly...
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    The Mighty Quinn

    Me thinks Dakich complaining about somebody talking too much shows a slight lack of self-awareness. What a dope.
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    Movie: “Jayhawkers”

    Has anybody seen the great film on Amazon called”Jayhawkers?” It’s about Wilt Chamberlain’s recruitment to Kansas and his time being in Lawrence, Kansas. It’s a compelling look at how Wilt handled his time with Phog Allen and how he handled race issues there. It also has a terrific sound track...