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    Well played game, screwed by the refs 2x in the last minute

    We shot 40%.....40%ish for the last....Big Ten. This is, by far, the worst shooting team in my lifetime. And I’m going back a long time,
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    I’ll ask this again, but do on-ball defenders not overplay the strong hand anymore? And do off-ball defenders ever space ball-you-man? These were fundamental defensive principles not borne of some fad, but by physics. I just don’t see it much anymore.
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    Purdue Fan here

    Related to Mathboy?
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    It’s the guards.

    Only Phinisee has a decent handle. The other 3 are very sloppy with the rock. The shot mechanics for Phinisee and Franklin are pretty good. Durham and Green....I don’t know why it’s never been addressed. Passing gets sloppy way too often. Rarely good ball, shot, pass fakes. Do guards today...
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    What a road win.

    The 4 main guards - Phinisee, Green, Franklin, Durham - were 7/27 from the field. Thank God the post players hit shots.
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    How would everyone feel....

    Gerry Faust
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    Best ‘O Luck versus the Vols!

    Been waiting since 1988 Peach Bowl for this rematch. Bowl games were so foreign to most Indiana fans, we didn’t know how to react when Tennessee missed a chip shot field goal. Suddenly from the IU crowd could be heard...”Air ball...Air ball...Air ball.” Even the Tennessee fans thought it was...
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    Memphis' Wiseman and Coach Hardaway under scrutiny

    Time to put UT-Chattanooga on probation.
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    Hoosiers be talkin, we are walkin all over ya in a few weeks!!! Boiler Up!!!!!!!

    I couldn’t read that without Dueling Banjos playing in my head.
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    Sr/Jr All Star Game Box Score thoughts.

    The Round Mound of Rebound
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    How basketball has changed.

    Also, if I recall, the game was called by three SEC officials. The Chicago Tribune had a scathing article regarding the officiating. Robey & Phillips were allowed to manhandle Green and Abernethy. One was quoted as saying an official told him they wouldn’t be getting any of “those charging”...
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    Wow does Texas Tech guard people

    Because anyone can post on a board. :)
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    Double dribble

    Maybe, appeared the contact was made after ball was released.
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    Stupid Foul by Purdue / Painter

    I thought the lack of overplaying the guard’s strong hand at the end of regulation was a fatal flaw. That pass was too easy.
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    Second game this season...

    We seem to have good athletes but only a couple of good basketball players.
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    This team has guts.

    There is still a lot of b-ball IQ yet to develop. The turnovers are mostly mental. We also seem to be doing a lot more dribbling than the first few games. The ball seemed to move faster then.
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    2021 No. 1 Terrence Clarke visiting Indiana this weekend

    I always struggle with projecting this type of player - 6’6” guard going into sophomore season. Great skills - no doubt. But what will he be in 3 years? 6’10”? Still in the 6’6”ish range? Does he become more of an inside player with added height? Do others catch up if his growth has...
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    Most every other in-state school now doing this...

    Yea, I noticed the empty seats. It’s because the product is not as compelling enough to fill the stands. I doubt there are many fans saying, “You know, I would buy a ticket and attend the games if only they sold beer...especially the $10 kind.” THAT is tortured logic.