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    FBI and Justice Dept

    were the gestapo and SS under the Obama administration. Thank God the truth is beginning to surface.
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    History is repeating

    Pelosi said let them eat ice cream. A woman that had her head in her anal passage also said let them eat cake. The people extracted her head.
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    Do you have any smooth? If so send some my way. Maybe that will cheer me up or down. Any way but this.
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    Animal communication

    Are there any on this board believe that animals or birds communicate with each other as we humans? I believe they do. We humans are too stupid to understand them. An example was a day at the golf course.The number 5 green has a pond in front of it with a sand trap on the right front. A...
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    Nursing Homes

    no not like you are thinking. She was involved to the extent that it was her concrete bird bath I was setting.
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    Nursing Homes

    Thanks all for the feed backs.I am now 83. What started all of this was I broke a vertebrae in my back.I thought I could do what I did in my younger years.So you oldies be careful, It is not what it use to be.
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    Nursing Homes

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    Nursing Homes

    I am now in assisted living. It is not a nursing home. They do a good job here. It is very lonely since the lock down. Our meals are in room. No visitors, My family and lady friend can bring me things to the front door and the help gets it to me. No contact with the outside world. I have my tv...
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    things that green is good at

    He can dribble off either foot. He can charge very hard. He can throw passes one step behind his target. He can guard no one. He can shoot a lot and hit very little. He has selective hearing when it comes to coaching.
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    3 players

    There are 3 players that do not get a lot of recognition.They are the long snapper, holder and kicker. I do believe they are 100 percent on extra points and field goals this year. Great job guys.
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    Bring back the pony express

    I mailed a birthday card on July 1st from Crawfordsville ind to a friend just outside of Boston Mass. It arrived yesterday Aug 13th. The pony express would have been much faster.
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    IU basketball

    IU is sill operating under a zero tolerance policy. It will never get better until coaches are able to kick a kid's butt on the bench or chew him out when he is not doing what is expected. Thank Miles for that. This team does not have good shooters. They made one shot over 50% from the foul...
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    same old crap

    This is modern IU from the fans or so called fans on this board. You give a coach a 5 year contract and you immediately want to fire him after year 2. The fan base on this board and also the water cooler have one thought in mind fire the coach fire the president. Screw you all. You no longer...
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    LOL, Ocasio-Cortez added to the House Financial Services Committee

    This is just what the US needs, A socialist in a capitalistic country, Her kind and the socialist demos will destroy this country. A socialist is nothing more than a half assed communist.
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    The Volt

    I had been leasing GM products for many years. The last was an equinox. I always paid all the lease up front. I never kept any till full term of the lease. I traded most of the the time before the lease was up. ! year before with several miles left. I would receive a trade value of what I had...
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    The Volt

    I remember Dr Hoops told me I should buy a volt. I wonder what he thinks now? I am totally done with GM products. I even cut up their credit card. They screwed me once and they will not ever get the chance to do it again. To hell with them.
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    Playing time

    I noticed in the box score that IU starters played 177 minutes out of the 200 available. Just maybe they played softer defense to avoid foul trouble do to the shortened bench. They turned up the defense in the last 8 minutes. The first half was sloppy but it was still a win. Lets get bucket...
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    Happy Thanksgiving.

    A happy one to you and yours. Are you having some venison today?
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    Slam dunks look spectacular but just laying it on the glass with a shot fake counts just as many points on the score board.