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    Help is on the way?

    May as well bring out this old trope too. Consistently inconsistent the hallmark of IU basketball the past few years.
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    Interesting silence

    Purdue is a game that could be in the W column. It's all a matter of what team "gets on the bus" and shows up. Purdue is spotty in its performance as their .500 shows.
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    Love the win.....

    I guess we disagree. Making the same mistakes is problematic in my opinion. Hope I'm wrong of course but if IU gets up 17 in a home game, I'd like there to not be a point in the game where they go down 6 and have to fight back. On to Purdue and Illinois.
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    Love the win.....

    The "W" part. The same mistakes were in IU's play that have been there all year, it just didn't cost them this game. Green in my opinion took too many quick 3 pt jump shots in the 2d half which resulted in empty possessions. The bigs missed some close in/lay ups shots., same thing empty...
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    Love the win.....

    I still wince at the level of play. Same bug-a-boos today. Long scoring drought, poor free throw shooting and too much Green in the second half. Green played under control the first half but then started dribbling too much and becoming a fan of his own three point shot in the 2d. I also thought...
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    Was that a "THUD" I heard

    I'll never understand this team. Win Iowa and then get blown out at MI.
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    Pretty much lost all respect for Miller

    One game is nice but show me you can do this night in and night out. Have expectations been lowered that much? IU should hold their home court so what happened tonight is what is expected at a minimum.
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    Next 5 are almost guaranteed losses

    I'd add Michigan to the "win?" pile but beyond those two teams.
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    If I were IU's next AD...

    Chris Reynolds for AD? He is at Bradley. IU is an upgrade for him
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    Archie didn’t have this team ready.

    Not so sure but he would have had chapped hands from all the clapping
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    Next 7 Games

    Now you're talking
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    Yea we hit a pothole.....looks like a broken axle
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    No more wins this year.

    I'm still thinking a win when MN comes to town...possibly Mich. Neither are a given though, depends on if there is an off night being had by one or both of those teams. I can't imagine any road wins with the level of play being displayed.
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    Ok. I can’t even watch this team.

    All too much focus with RMK's on what is missing. Pre-2000 IU is Coke. Post 2000 IU is new Coke. Once you get past the red packaging the similarities end. I'm hard pressed to look at the schedule and see another "for sure" win.
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    Current Lunardi Bracket........

    Depends which Purdue team comes to B-town. They have shown some inconsistency at times. Maybe MN....jury is still out on Wis.
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    Three more wins this season?

    No crystal ball. Just been watching IU since '76. Student between 78-82 and have watched the BTN to see how the other teams are doing. Nothing magical about it. Call it experience from long term observation.
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    Three more wins this season?

    Looking at the schedule I'm hard pressed to find more than three possible wins considering the level of play we have been seeing. No one appears to be inspired at the moment. I think Purdue coming will be a win. A week to rest up and read all the bad press will probably result in some focus for...
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    Im done

    Paid shill? Just an IU grad saying what he thinks.
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    Im done

    There are some good parts on the team but there may still be too many Crean-ites on the team. Archie is still in pass mode for this year in my judgment. Next year they should be all his players. No pass next year if the same sloppy fundamental play rears it ugly head on a regular basis. I don't...
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    Im done

    I take no solace in being a mid-major team at this point. The old IU is dead. NIT bound perhaps