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    Indiana upsets a "big boy" program

    and other early predictions for the upcoming 2020 BIG football season
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    NCAA FB Coaching Salaries Private universities generally under report and the amounts may not include all perks. Also, assistant coaches salaries and the benefits of facilities, which are very important to a head coach are understandably not factored in.
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    What's up with DD This may shed some light, possibly related to Romeo.
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    Purdue get Proctor, Archie gets ?

    There is a risk to grad transfers if they negatively affect team chemistry. You have to get the right guy that fits in with your team.
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    Keep your fingers crossed boys...

    Good point. He tweeted that he will announce his verbal On Monday (4/29), but there is some speculation as to how solid this initial commitment will be.
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    Blast From The Past. Where is Mark Patrick?

    He seemed to "jump ship" alot towards the end of his career from local to national radio shows and back, which made me wonder what the issue was. I think he even had a national baseball focused show. One of his more famous radio shows was the one where he simply listened as Jay Mohr and Bill...
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    BOT meeting today

    What makes you think that IU will pay $8-10 mil per year? I don't see that happening.