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    Nothing has changed.

    My 'sky is falling' post worked to perfection. I'm superstitious like that. Seriously.
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    Nothing has changed.

    I had a feeling they were going to lay a turd this game. That loss at Illinois, and he way it happened, sucked the life out of them. They look dead, the crowd sounds dead, and the season is circling the drain.
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    John Calipari Coach of the Decade

    What a stupid ass thread. Calipari is basically in the late 90's Knight stage of his career. Lazy gasbag is just mailing it in at this point. What kind of moron would even consider him to be in the same class as K, Williams, Wright, Bennett or even Beard right now?
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    Yes. You are.
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    Green makes so many losing plays, I just can't get excited about his great plays. His shot selection and erratic decisions are a huge net negative 4 out of every 5 games. This group cannot reach it's potential with him on the roster. And I hated typing this.
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    Can we start discussing who will be our next coach yet?

    So you agree with the 'get old, stay old' philosophy but you only give him a year and a half to do it? How exactly do you "get old" in a year and a half? You're suffering from 'right now' disease. It doesn't work that way. It took K 4-5 years to build Duke and Bennett 3-4 years to build VA...
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    Can we start discussing who will be our next coach yet?

    IMO, Archie gets paid a top 10-15 salary because of the stress of dealing with nuts like us, not winning a conf or natl title in his first 3 years. Building an elite, nationally respected program (within the rules) takes time. And this fanbase isn't known for patience. I like what I see so far...
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    Can we start discussing who will be our next coach yet?

    Just another random opinion on a message board here, but I like the direction of the team and program. The game today was a well played game between two tournament caliber teams and the wrong team hit two desperation-ish 3's late to steal the win. Haven't looked at the stats yet but I don't...
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    I don’t understand it.

    That's irrational. Only a dumbass thinks there has to be a scapegoat for every problem. They can't shoot. It's frustrating and it sucks to watch but it is what it is. It's called adversity. Right now, I trust Archie to correct this problem more than I ever trusted Crean to value defense and...
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    I don’t understand it.

    Yep, it's all that matters now. And it really sucks the life out of teams that can't hit 'em. I noticed when Rutgers went up 36-24 that they were 4-9 from behind the line and IU was 0-9. 12 point lead. Ballgame. This IU team is always on the short end of that stat and they'll never be able to...
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    I don’t understand it.

    The 3 point shot made Crean look much better than he was. Conversely, it makes Archie look much worse than he is. I retroactively hate the Golden State fvcking Warriors.
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    Haha IU may not score 50

    "Haha" WTF Reading this board makes me hate our fanbase. This sh!t ain't funny.
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    College Basketball Program Values

    So a fake 'company' fell two spots on a fake rankings list after a fake valuation? I'm gonna have to just donate a billion fake dollars to remedy this situation.
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    Down 3 w/ :55 left

    The percentage play is to try to get the stop and get the ball back with 25+ seconds left. It was the right call. The press seemed to be pretty effective though, so I would've liked to have seen them stick with that.
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    What have I been saying?

    Translation.... "I was rewarded today for my stupidity and negative attitude. YAY"
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    IU has not been worth a damn since Knight was fired and they won't be any better until Miller is out

    How to fix the program: 1 Fire Archie and hire Pat Knight 2 Drag Bob Hammel out of retirement to write nice things 3 Dig up Chuck Marlowe and have him host a TV show while Pat insults him. Make IU great again.
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    Oh FFS, you dimwits. The perfect coach is a unicorn. Crean was ran out of town because he didn't care about defense or ball security. Archie does, and for the most part, he's changed that. Reversing an entire culture and identity of a program, unfortunately, takes time. Especially when you have...
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    I'm not suprised.

    Well, NIT it is. OSU drags out the worst in this team. Bricks and turnovers. Fvck!
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    Total Joke

    If this team could just cut, screen, pass, dribble, shoot, finish or rebound, they might not suck.