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    College professor dies while teaching online

    Might have been safer in the classroom, where maybe someone would have known CPR or been able to help some other way. But at least he didn't have to accept the relatively small risk of breathing in a little bug, and the even smaller risk of becoming seriously ill from said little bug. The...
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    Colleg Students raise alarm (anyone surprised?)

    Yeah. All of that. All but two of his classes are online. They've reduced the number of kids in the dorm (he has a roommate but not everybody does). I think he said they're staggering meal times, but I'm not sure exactly how they're gong to work that. He's already had two negative COVID tests in...
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    People Advised To Have Sex With Masks On And 'Do Positions Facing Away From Each Other'

    Also known as the Ugly Women Can Get Some Now Program. It's HUGE in West Lafayette.
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    Colleg Students raise alarm (anyone surprised?)

    My youngest is an incoming Freshman at Ball State and moves in to the dorm tomorrow. I give it two weeks, max, until he's back home. Fvck this sh!t. Seriously.
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    Twitter adoption theory for the AOTF

    The OTF had to evolve into what it became. It wasn't just born or created overnight and wouldn't likely come back with a simple format change. We had our resident hippies (TMP in all of his various forms, Phish, and others). We had our gay guy (Cap) who any of us would have defended to the...
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    Thread view vs topic view

    This format sucks. Sincerely, Everyone Who Remembers When the OTF was Great MtOTFGA!!!!
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    Monday Throwback - Rebecca De Mornay

    Is she related to Count De Money? I mean Count De Monet?
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    RIP my sister

    Condolences. Very sorry to hear that. I lost my younger brother about a year and a half ago at age 52. Still seems surreal.
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    Anyone ever dealt with a Bunion? This MF is painful.

    No bunion problem. But then I'm not a woman. I did have plantar fasciitis one both sides for a time about fifteen years ago. Hurt like hell but I just kind of dealt with it. Then it went away. No idea how or why but it was just gone. Really weird. Oh, and this format sucks.
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    How do you fools

    Never ventured over there. I always assumed it was just a political version of Hoop Loops and ignored it. Also, this format sucks.
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    AOTF dumb polls #1

    Was option #4 for Cap? Is he still around? This format sucks.
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    Couldn't they just cut up the bottom and make a mask out of that? Keep the traditional two-piece we all know and love? Maybe make two masks out the top? "Anything in a 3-piece" wouldn't sound right on the OTF. vbg Oh, and this format sucks.
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    Miracle on ice..40th anniversary today

    Remember it like it was yesterday. I was at the Wigwam in Anderson with my dad for North Central v Anderson. Before the game the PA guy says "I have a score for you. In Olympic hockey from Lake Placid..... The USSR 3, the United States (pregnant pause)...... 4. (another pregnant pause) That...
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    What Sports related tragedies affected you the most?

    1. Dan Wheldon 2. Scott Brayton 3. Evansville BBall team 4. 1972 Olympics
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    I'm wondering if I should get a divorce

    Is C$ still around/alive? Ask him if you can just borrow one of his. He probably has ten or twelve by now.
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    Can’t read em all again. What’s your favorite thread on the LTF?

    Stunned's post about the Illinois barnstorming tour is probably the funniest thing I ever saw on the OTF, which is saying something. Politically incorrect as hell, but that's what this place stood for. This format sucks.
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    Sunday Throwback..Victoria Principal

    God bless the Pam Ewing underboob.
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    What time......

    ....does IU play this week? What's up OTF? This format still sucks balls.
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    So, what's new?

    This format still sucks.
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    Is the state of Indiana still dry on election day

    Nope. Rained quite a bit at my place.