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    Waylon...Best ever!!

    Waylon Jennings - I'm a Ramblin' Man (from Nashville Rebel) - YouTube
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    Indiana backing up

    I don't worry too much about people outside at a gas station where the air is moving constantly. I do have plastic disposable gloves so that I don't have to touch anything there and get my hands contaminated. The thing that pisses me off more than anything is places like Walmart, Kroger, etc...
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    Indiana backing up

    That's not true.... it's people like the ones going to the party when they don't have to go. It amazes me how people think the ones taking their kids to parties or attending gatherings like that themselves are not responsible. I just got invited to a dinner last week and would loved to have...
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    The problem with both sides is that when they win pretty convincingly they come in all cocky and think they have the green light to do anything they want to when, in fact, most of the time it's a vote against the other party and not a vote in favor of their policies. I remember when Obama won...
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    Help! Is there a cyber security expert here?

    It's easy in some emails to put a filter in some email providers to send the emails directly to the trash. I probably have 10 filters in my gmail account to delete emails from certain places. If a car dealer gets your email they never stop so I just filter them out.
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    Fighting a Wild fire

    That is where my wife and I spend our honeymoon.
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    Today's players would have a hard time dealing with him because he didn't hesitate to come inside if a batter started crowding the plate. A lot of players today would be ready to fight when that happen.
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    AstraZeneca vaccine clinical trial "pause"

    I'll have to remember that one..... hadn't heard that one before. :D
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    AstraZeneca vaccine clinical trial "pause"

    They'll probably make a special one for lawyers. :D:D:D:D:D:D
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    AstraZeneca vaccine clinical trial "pause"

    According to this article a lot of people won't get vaccinated if it's left up to them. I've argued with one person I know that refuses to get the flu shot. Her argument is that the virus builds up immunity to it like bacteria do to antibiotics. I told her time after time that comparing...
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    AstraZeneca vaccine clinical trial "pause"

    There's someone around where I live that has their Wireless label as CIA Surveillance Van. :) Your CIA reference reminded me of that.
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    AstraZeneca vaccine clinical trial "pause"

    I see a big demand for fake vaccination cards in the future. :) :)
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    AstraZeneca vaccine clinical trial "pause"

    On a side note: Do you think the vaccine should be required? Do you think the government will require a person to get the vaccine? I have a feeling that it will almost be a requirement to get the vaccine but it won't be a requirement by the government. I think companies will require it...
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    New thoughts on how COVID attacks the body

    Darn Sope don't say that .... they'll start taxing the sunlight. :) Seriously though from what I have read your statement is on the mark.
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    Just got back from getting vaccinated . . .

    I believe there are two pneumonia shots. See here . The new shingle vaccine is a lot more effective than the old one. I think they say it's about 90% effective whereas the old one was only 50-60% effective. I know a couple people that had shingles and I got the new one as quick as I could...
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    We are doomed

    I agree with that completely.... Keep it simple. My wife was trying to sign up for Medicare and I was watching (confused on what they wanted part of the time) and I could have made it so much simpler by just asking a simple question at the beginning and that question was "Are you still...
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    We are doomed

    Well I worked in IT and I just shake my head at a lot of things. Things that could be simple are made complicated and illogical by people who have no common sense. Case in point.... I go to refill a prescription on-line and the first thing they want is the prescription number. Now if I was...
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    So much for herd immunity....

    From what I have read it is possible for a person to breath the virus into their nose and some get stuck just like breathing in dirty air and a lot of dust gets in your nose but that doesn't mean they have an infection.
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    So much for herd immunity....

    Of course it's here to stay for a while until it has no one to latch onto and survive. Until then even if people have had it they're still gonna breath in the virus but it doesn't mean that it can survive and cause any symptoms.
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    Best Buy

    Unless you use it a lot on the run where it has to be portable just attach an external monitor and use it.... assuming everything else works.