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    What do we need to take the next step...

    I’m hoping that we have solidified the foundation. As stated above due to the amount of competition our record could fluctuate significantly. I’m just hoping that our team is capable of winning any game on the schedule.
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    What do we need to take the next step...

    For example look at what happened in the bowl game with Tuttle’s injury. Having another experienced player would have proved helpful. I think we should strive to have three QB’s with game experience. Just my opinion.
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    What do we need to take the next step...

    My preference is to add more speed at wr. It would be nice to have a guy that the db has to allow some cushion. Also I would like to see a veteran qb transfer in.
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    Timetable for the DC hire?

    I thought CTA might tip his hand a bit, in his interview tonight. However he played it close to his vest. Anyone else have a different take?
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    Wow Smith for Bama is having an excellent game. That kid is fast, and they keep feeding him the ball
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    Jamar Johnson declares for the draft

    He is a talented player, maybe he is testing the waters and will be back next year.
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    2 of our 14 seniors are back....

    I didn’t realize Jake’s had transferred.
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    Whop headed to NFL

    I wish him well. He made a lot of contributions to our team.
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    Peyton Ramsey told Northwestern...

    I would like that!
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    Timetable for the DC hire?

    I got an interview but CTA did not think my 9-2 attack defense formation was viable in the Big. I did get a nice pen and coffee mug for my time.
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    Chris Kiffin

    Good points.
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    Chris Kiffin

    i might be in the minority, but I would like for us to hire a DC with several years of experience in that position. I would like to have someone with proven experience, as I think that benefits our overall team. One of the benefits, is just more in-game experience.
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    Tramar Reece in Portal

    I do think James and Baldwin should have received a few more opportunities this year. I get it there are a limited number of snaps but if you are concerned about depth you get them a couple more touches per game.
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    Taking one for the team

    What are friends for if you can’t give each other some crap after a loss. Lol
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    Both And...

    Our offense took a step backwards. I am sure this is where most of our off-season improvement will be made.
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    We are going to get rolled today

    This is humbling, very disappointed in the performance so far.
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    IU covers up all B1G branding on jersey... lol

    This is a bold move, and cements the fact this program is moving upward.
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    That Noter Dame is in the CFP is a joke. Nt

    It’s not looking good for ND.
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    Managing Success Question

    This is a good discussion topic. I think it addresses the difficulty of building quality depth, within our program. With additional competition will unfortunately cause some existing players to transfer. Definitely a balance for our coaches to address.
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    Welcome Zach Carpenter!!!💥💥💥

    This is great news!