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    Desperation (Slightly OT)

    A lot depends on the new president and whether the BOT hires someone who would support returning IUBB to "blue blood" status or is indifferent to it (as McRobbie is). IU will also be spending the next few years recovering from and adjusting to COVID-19 impacts. Athletics may not be top of their...
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    Opting Out Is Getting Ridiculous

    By that logic, there's risk of injury in any game. Why play at all?
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    How much of the horrific shooting is lack of talent...

    Mental is to physical as four is to one.
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    Indy May Host Entire NCAA Tournament

    IU Athletics could certainly use the income.
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    A quick board suggestion for the Mods...

    Get an ad blocker. I haven't seen an ad on a website in years.
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    Furlough cuts

    They are separate budgets and revenue streams but yes. There was a 5% general fund reduction. Also a hiring freeze, and a freeze on most promotions/pay increases.
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    IU President McRobbie to retire from IU - June of 2021

    Not a surprise. The Bicentennial was his last hurrah. It was his main focus for the last 18 months and was going to be his big send-off. Too bad for those plans that COVID happened and turned all the pomp and circumstance into a couple of online events. McRobbie didn't care about athletics and...
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    If FB is cancelled, little hope for BB

    We can hope, that's about all. An effective vaccine may never come. We don't have a great track record devloping vaccines for corona viruses. As in, it's never happened.
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    Report: Big Ten to shut Down 2020 Football season and Move it to Spring

    That may be true in the long run. But this way will be painful. For the athletics programs, for the schools in general, for the cities that will lose millions of dollars of business revenue without a football season, and for all the people whose work depends on tens of thousands of fans spending...
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    Report: Big Ten to shut Down 2020 Football season and Move it to Spring

    Without real repercussions? Without a football season, athletics departments will be bankrupt. And without BTN money the financial impact will go beyond athletics.
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    Stanford cut 11 of 36 varsity sports!!!!

    If you spent the time and put in the work and had the love of the sport enough to make the cut in a D1 (or even D2 or D3 school) for the tennis or softball or rowing team, it's more than a hobby and I don't think a pickup game at the rec center or outing at the park is really going to seem like...
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    Bringing the General home

    Would feel better about the whole thing if it had been his idea and not Wittman's. I only hope that he has enough of his faculties left that he really agreed with it. I still suspect this was more about what everyone else wanted and not what Coach wanted.
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    Justin Smith transfer

    Also Wabash is an undergraduate college. They don't have a graduate school.
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    Interesting tweet about IU WBB

    Sure thing, snowflake.
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    Interesting tweet about IU WBB

    Based on what? Tweets? Twitter is a social popularity contest, and "toxic culture" is a hashtag that gains a lot of attention from the victimhood crowd.
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    2021 IU recruiting thread

    The 6-foot-7 wing is the No. 103 rated player overall in the class of 2021, and the No. 23 small forward according to the 247Sports Composite. Camden is best known as a three-point shooter, especially the catch-and-shoot variety. He made 72 three-pointers on his junior season. Camden earned...
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    Nearly the entire SEC has ALREADY announced that..

    If you want to get rid of Trump give us a better alternative. You didn't in 2016, and it doesn't look like you are in 2020 either. It's no more complicated than that.
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    Nearly the entire SEC has ALREADY announced that..

    Well I don't know. I see plenty of criticism of Trump in the press. Maybe more than ever. Yet I can't eat in a restaurant.
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    NCAA Rips Kansas regarding allegations—Wow

    NCAA is a private organization. They have bylaws that deal with rule violations. As long as they follow their bylaws the courts will not get involved in whatever internal discipline/consequences they impose (or don't).
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    Human interest story (IDS) about Adrian Chapman

    If you're tired of the bickering over who has had how many usernames for how long, here's a story in the IDS about senior walk-on Adiran Chapman (#15).