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  1. B anyone surprised?

    The thing that gets me among many is TJD guarding the ball on the out of bounds play and they have scored almost every time because he allows the throw to go under the basket or his man shoots s three.
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    Capitol in lockdown

    Evidently the mayor of DC asked for the national guard but no one seems to know why they are not there.
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    Too bad he didn’t have the balls to stand up and report Strauss and his sexual activities at OSU when he needed to. He’s lucky he’s not part of the lawsuit filed against the university. But then he’ll go in denying anyone ever told him what was going on just like someone else who denies...
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    I Hope The Miscreants

    I do not agree with this vandalism in the least but it is ironic how we from the state of Indiana do make fun of Kentuckians and their intelligence. And I’m sure they do the same about us. Just looking at the front door it had to be a Kentuckian who painted it as they couldn’t spell ‘where’s’.
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    Why the love affair with Whop today?

    I’ll agree he did not have a great day. Part of the problem was his players were always waiting to get the D call while Miss was starting to run a play. His D though held M to a TD in each quarter. I know that IF a frog had wings he wouldn’t whomp his butt every time he landed but if the O had...
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    Why the love affair with Whop today?

    I beg to differ. Several times he caught a pass over the middle and retreated for minimal or no gain. And then you had the one where he caught one for another short gain and then ran backwards for a 12 yard or so loss. He was not up to taking a hit. The OC had him running those plays so part...
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    This ones on Allen

    And one more thing that goes to show you that their heads were not into it today. When is the last time you ever saw any one (McFadden) catch a blocked kick and then kneel it down without even trying to go for a score?
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    Womack question

    I can remember some. One in particular when the backup QB caught it for a catch and run for about 40. One earlier they got a long gainer. Their game plane must have included quick passes to the blitzing side.
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    This ones on Allen

    Totally agree. How many times did we throw that screen to trips and it didn’t really go for any yardage. Whop was averaging under 5 yards a catch so throw to someone else. Why is it we hardly ever throw over the middle and continuously try the deep pass to the sideline. When is the last...
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    Australia is planning to build Antarctica’s biggest infrastructure project

    This really surprises me that Australia would be involved in something so ecologically destructive. They have/had been so conscientious about building structures so that it doesn’t affect the environment. The times we have been downunder we always heard how they built resorts by actually...
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    Just Got my tickets to the Outback Bowl

    We were all yelling but it didn’t do any good. We were stuck in the corner and I had to help break up a fight right behind me between two orange idiots and an IU fan. Security did come and hauled all three of their butts out.
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    Coach Of The Year:

    Chadwell from CC was named COY by AP. CTA was second in the voting.
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    Just Got my tickets to the Outback Bowl

    It is kinda sad that there were so many of us knew that an onside kick was coming but yet those in the know or should have known didn’t have an inkling. I’ve walked away from many an IU game feeling sick about how we lost but not like that one. It still sucks today.
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    10 years from now we will find out trump

    I think it must have been Lindsay in the old joke with the punch line “a good goat will do that for you”.
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    When do all the CFP and bowl lineups come out? Nt

    All the projections have us in the Fiesta Bowl against USC. We’ll know tomorrow.
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    11th. Nt

    It’s almost unbelievable to hear Dan Dakich praising IU football and saying that IU should be in the CFP. Not too often he praised IU sports. He definitely doesn’t the basketball program. Kinda nice hearing him saying something positive.
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    Restoring trust in politics

    Most lawyers are overpriced and seem dishonest. But one told me this one: What would you like a lawyer do that a swan can do, a goose can almost do but a duck can’t do? Stick his bill up his a$$.
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    Smith-Marsette boner play

    I thought it was an unsportsmanlike penalty for doing that? Or did they change the rules?
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    Hump Day

    For those of you who remember. Those shorts do beat Daisy Duke’s shorts any day.
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    Purdue cancels Tuesday practice

    Purdue released a statement today AP that they canceled practice to “evaluate COVID testing results”. I’m wondering if the Bucket game is in jeopardy now.