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    So is that Archie

    You can hear yelling instructions all while we're trying running the offense. Almost as if he's trying to talk them through it? I hope I'm wrong.
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    Win Ugly. Beats losing..

    While I'd like to see us take it to the Badgers, lets not kid ourselves. This team makes scoring a basket look like climbing a mountain. And Wiscy is a lights out 3 point shooting team that is no doubt looking forward to some target practice against our packline
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    Let's Play: Who Can Kentucky Beat?

    Has the latest version of the Kensucky Mildcats been good for a laugh or what? They're a dismal 1-5 in their first six games and that record is probably better than they've actually played. Let's see who can predict their record over their next 6 games: Louisville S Carolina Mississippi St...
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    In yesterday's game, I thought we looked very fatigued in the 2nd half. More of the same today. Covid-related practice disruptions may have had an impact. This team doesn't look in good basketball shape.
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    I'm not worried about our defense. What concerns me is our o-line vs their d-line.
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    Opening line showing OSU -21

    Go Hoosiers
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    O/T U of Arizona facing 9 violation charges

    "I'd give blood. I'd give semen." - wtf-???
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    Let the speculation begin. Again...

    Experience will be a big factor in the case of 3 players, especially because they could be 3 key players for this team, Franklin, Hunter and Thompson
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    If FB is cancelled, little hope for BB

    Every criticism here about Trump is largely true. And as bad as he is, he's still better than the looney far left DNC. That's why they're trying to make the election about racism and covid. What will higher taxes, higher energy prices and healthcare coverage for illegals (just to name a few of...
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    Officially canceled season. Well, "delayed...

    The question is are football players, or any other fall sports athletes, more likely to be infected by going back to campus and participating in their sport than just going back to campus? Some medical experts think the risk is about the same.
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    Officially canceled season. Well, "delayed...

    According to this story, the B1G medical experts maintained that the infection rate per 100,000 population should be no more than 5-10 for it to be safe to play football. If my math is right, this fall when 43,000 students return to the Bloomington campus, that would be no more than 2 - 4 should...
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    Brad Stevens

    He obviously doesn't want to be the head coach -- too much pressure from the IU basketball online forum members
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    Brad Stevens

    My apologies, try this: Pretty savy move by Brad to use the IU vacancy as leverage to get an extension wouldn't you say?
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    Brad Stevens

    More info here:
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    seniors will be granted another year

    What about programs with lots of seniors and lots of incoming freshmen? How many players can you realistically have in a program at once?
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    College Basketball Season is Over

    Its been fun everybody. Stay safe. Be careful out there and take care of yourselves. See you next year and Go Hooooosiers!
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    Archie's debut on ATH

    What was the question that prompted Archie to trash Lunardi?
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    Kansas has challenged and disputed all NCAA violations

    Bill Self will probably take the Kelvin Sampson circuit to the NBA to wait out the show-cause and then back to college ball somewhere. You can always get re-hired somewhere as long as you aren't fired for losing.
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    A bad team beat an even worse team last night

    Green did take some bad shots but he isn't going to make any if he doesn't shoot at all. What that game showed is TJD needs to learn to pass out of a double-team and needs to develop a jump shot which would be a much higher percentage than trying to shoot a one-hand skyhook from 10-12 feet. I...
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    IU +6; o/u 130

    Purdue was -4 at home against Michigan last week and lost 71-63. That line was way wrong and I'm expecting the same tonight