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    IU/Ole Miss Prediction Thread

    IU 33 Ole Miss 22
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    This Is More Important Than Anything Else Affecting INDIANA FOOTBALL-

    He’s getting $650k from USA and 1.2 million for assistants. That shouldn’t have been hard to beat, so he must really want to be a HC. He will likely move on if successful.
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    IU/Wisconsin Prediction Thread

    IU 33 UW 30
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    Maryland/IU Prediction Thread

    IU 45 Maryland 17
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    IU/Ohio State Prediction Thread

    IU 42 OSU 40
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    IU/Michigan State Prediction Thread

    IU 40 MSU 28
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    Michigan/IU Prediction Thread

    IU 35 UM 23
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    Indiana/Rutgers Prediction Thread

    IU 38 Rutguzz 23
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    Prediction Thread: Indiana @ Rutgers

    IU 68 Rutguzz 66
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    I am a member of the Taxslayer Gator Bowl Committee...

    What’s the typical nighttime temperature in Jacksonville in January?
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    How old were you the last time Indiana beat Michigan?

    I was 35 and am now retired.
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    IU 20 UM 17
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    Northwestern/IU Prediction Thread

    IU27. NU 10
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    IU/Nebraska Prediction Thread

    IU 33 Neb 31
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    IU/Maryland Prediction Thread

    IU 38 MARY 27
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    IU/MSU Prediction Thread

    IU 22 MSU 20
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    Ohio State Predictions?

    I’m hoping Ramsey keeps it close and then Penix comes in for the fourth quarter to bring it home. Also, I’m assuming Ramsey worked on his weaknesses during the off season, including strength and conditioning, and made advances.
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    Ohio State Predictions?

    iU 38 tOSU 37