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    That is funny 😄
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    Please enlighten me as to the only job you refer to
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    We know what he has done at a football school in a football state
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    I believe he would thrive at IU
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    2 Questions...

    Rutgers will be difficult. If we win there then I think we will be ranked.
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    Archie is right

    Does Gonzaga pay for players? Or Rutgers? Or Butler
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    Archie is right

    The schedule is not the reason IU is 8 - 10 in the B1G. The Strength of Schedule is phenomenal. Sure the preconference schedule sucks as far as providing interesting games for fans. But there is enough there to find out what the team is and what the players can deliver. The real issues have...
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    On to Minnesota

    The Wisconsin game will determine our fate this year and possibly Archie as well.
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    Well played game, screwed by the refs 2x in the last minute

    Yes should have been a jump ball but not sure who had the arrow.
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    CAM Losing It

    He needs to hire an Asst that knows something about Offense. I thought he was supposed to know how to teach those skills and that philosophy.
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    Slapping clipboards out of coaches hands and now arguments on the bench. Not a good look.
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    Prediction Thread: Indiana @ PU

    A major argument between coaches on the bench and caught on national television. Who is in charge over there?
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    If I'm Jackson-Davis, I transfer ...

    I don't care how you feel. Just surprised such a bad recruiter got him is all. A blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while
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    Why would you wanna play at Indiana?

    I think you are confusing being objective with standing strong for your opinions. Objective people earn credibility by identifying both positive and negative observations with supporting reasons. They also adjust their positions as new information presents itself. You continue to add to your...
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    I hope the entire team transfers.

    Just the coaching staff
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    Freaking Wisconsin.......

    But he didn't have his own players! How in the hell could he have done that? Smiling Face...……...and without George McGinnis too. Steve Downing and Defense
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    Start with the head of the snake...

    They will win 17 or 18 but they will miss the dance. Hard to believe a state with the high school talent, fan support, facilities and basketball history has sunk so low. Very sad
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    At Least we made 1

    He may have already made that decision with his lack of playing time.
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    From a UK fan

    This was a contrived excuse but somewhat expected from an arrogant delusional fan base.