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    Ryan Day's Top 5 Excuses For Getting Blown Out

    1.) Alabama has a better pool of 5 star kids to draw from than we do 2.) The Big Ten does not provide us enough competition to prepare for Alabama 3.) We lost a lot to the NFL last year 4.) We did not play enough games to fine tune our offense, defense and special teams 5.) We were...
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    So is that Archie

    Well.. We do have a lot of freshman playing late minutes & many coaches have yelled instructions to players since basketball started but now you can hear it. What's the big deal? We won.. I will take any victory in this conference. We covered the spread..
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    Jerome and lander

    CAM in a recent press conference eluded that the surgery was good & he might come back for the final big10 stretch. But it might be a stretch..
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    Whop headed to NFL

    All the best to Whop.. You could always tell that he gave a 100% a 100% of the time. He is an IU Hall of Famer. So, is Ty. Thanks for helping turn IU football around.
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    Transfer from Ole Miss

    IU is a defensive football team. We play an attacking style of defense & playing in the Big10 for one year & expand your brand to a whole different group of NFL organizations. Plus, play OSU, MICH, PSU etc.. We should bring in another 7 or 8 transfer players from the South.. Let them...
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    Jerome and lander

    He is #45 on the roster & started practicing on 1/2. I am thinking Nebraska or Purdue, he will have the right number of practices. We may have Brunk for the last 1/3 also.
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    Jerome and lander

    We need Jerome Hunter to be a lot better. If Franklin is out for a week or so, we need Hunter. He just needs to relax & not worry about getting pulled. I want to see him after a couple of 20-30 minute games. He can make the three better then some of our other guards. If you insert Hunter...
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    Beat Iowa

    After watching the Ole Miss/LSU game, it was clear that these guys were good & we were going to have our hands full with their fast break offense. It put pressure on us to force some things in the first half. Ole Miss went 457 yards in about 18 & a half minutes on 2 FG's & 3 TDs scoring...
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    IU covers up all B1G branding on jersey... lol

    This could have come from a group much higher. They gave the request to remove B10 logos from uniforms and told Dolson & Allen not to sweat it.
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    Tom Allen

    I was a Sr. in Chemistry in 1987 & would see that guy preaching outside the front-end of Ballantine hall. I'm not sure that what his name was.
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    B1G vs. SEC

    I have followed B10 sports for decades & there are a handful of B10 schools that I never root for & yours is at the top of the list.. Remember "the darkest day in YOUR schools history" it was against US. Like so many others, I hope Clemson runs it up on you and see you & the B10 embarrassed...
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    Tom Allen

    Your missing a Wildcat coach - Gary Barnett legitimatized Northwestern football before those two guys.
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    B1G vs. SEC

    Their whole pass defense has only been tested once - US. I think Trevor is going to expose them for a bunch of 5 stars who didn't get to develop as a team. If DaBo gets a chance to run it up on OSU, he will & I hope it comes true. The big middle finger to all the Big 10 committee that hung us...
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    Ole Miss is dangerous

    Their backs and QB are smaller but super fast & gritty.. The QB can run & is a play maker. Watched the tape on LSU and Ole Miss. If you pressure him, he throws picks. But if you don't stay in your lanes, he could run all over us. Looking at their box scores, the Arkansas game is how I hope...
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    My only disappointment during this great season

    Thank you for sharing your story. I come from 3 generations of IU grads and my 94 year old dad is still able to follow IU sports. I wanted two things for him - the Cubs to win the WS and IU football to turn around. We talk 4-5 times during IU sports & your post made me appreciate more the...
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    This Is Freak'In Awesome For IU Football

    Did we get hosed? On paper, YES by both the B10 and NCAA football. Multiple times by each. But our "allowed" game with Ole Miss is a much better situation for IU football, and its growth. Tampa, FL is "HOME' for IU football & to possibly win a bowl against Allen's old school in Tampa...
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    Ohio State Is Overrated - Final Four On Paper Only

    Maybe a couple years ago but this team is a bunch of high-end players & an above average team. Maybe if OSU would have played a normal season, they would have developed as a team, but their back-end was only challenged once- IU. NU had zero passing game. I'm not saying that they don't have a...
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    Ohio State Is Overrated - Final Four On Paper Only

    What is your point? Do I think overall the Big Ten is mediocre this year. YES..
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    Our freshman class

    Try 2003 class - Patrick Ewing Jr & Jessen Gray Ashley. Don't think that they logged more than 20 total minutes their freshman year..