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    Lavall Jordan.

    It is that hard. It really is. Being a solid college basketball team year in and year out is VERY difficult.
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    Let's hope Miller and the AD are gone tomorrow!

    There is a coach on the market. His first three years are 17-13, 10-17, and 11-17. His conference record is 6-8, 4-10, and 3-11. Do you want him? It's a tough conference so I'm sure he is better than the record indicates.
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    Dakich, when doing an IU game is always going to try too hard to appear impartial. Also, if you want rid of him, stop talking about him and stop listening to his show.
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    Another reason to hate Glass

    Is a Facebook post that is floating around the internet worthy of a post on this forum? Outside the cute cat pictures, even posts that actually exist on Facebook are typically made up.