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    What is AOC advocating for here?

    As the OP stated, the issue she is talking about is already addressed by libel laws. The burden of proof is intentionally steep in those cases because of the importance of a free press. I may not be a fan of how Fox, MSNBC and many others present the news but the government has no business or...
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    POLL - Everybody Vote

    Yes, they are the one who supported that particular legislation, but Democrats have called for more regulation of Twitter in the past: And more chatter about possible regulations after last week...
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    POLL - Everybody Vote

    Perhaps because I grew up in a family with diverse political views, I’ve never understood the need to cut off those with differing opinions. It does seem to be a growing problem, maybe because so many of us ensconce ourselves in our own partisan echo chambers. I do think mashnut makes a good...
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    Tonight on.. SEDITION EDITION

    I think you are confused. I kindly pointed out that you were referencing quotes that weren’t about this summer’s protests as being inflammatory comments about this summer’s protests. The two that were from this summer were not inflammatory, as you stated. My advice would be to not get your info...
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    Remember When ...

    We could go back even further to a few years after the founding of this country, when Jefferson, Hamilton, Adams, Madison, etc were quite fond of insulting one another anonymously under Greek and Roman pseudonyms in the various party organs of the day, that would make even MSNBC and FOX blush...
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    IU Wrestling

    Angel Escobedo won the NCAA title in his weight class in 2008
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    Tonight on.. SEDITION EDITION Only two of those quotes were from this summer and they were not inflammatory. Talking about protesting, not rioting.
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    C'mom we all knew the outcome

    You said they suck in OT under Archie. He said they are 5-4. Just admit you were wrong and move on
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    B1G vs. SEC

    Big 12 played an out of conference game too. You are awfully arrogant for someone so ill-informed. You didn’t really address any of the points I made, so I’ll just assume you are a confused SEC fan
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    B1G vs. SEC

    You are missing the point. How do we know the SEC is better than the Big 10 when neither team played any out of conference games? Certainly the fact that they played more games doesn’t mean they were better, let alone worthy of four NY6 teams compared to the Big’s one.
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    B1G vs. SEC

    That is false, as you have admitted. Hate to clue you in, but I was talking about percentages, so it was irrelevant as well
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    Clown Thread

    If that was your point it was poorly expressed. I’m guessing you didn’t know and are trying to save face. Blaming IU for issues that every team faced this year is ridiculous. And yes, this is an IU football fan message board so of course we are going to keep talking about how our resume is...
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    Clown Thread

    We were out due to Covid protocols. If you are going to keep spouting off on here, you might try knowing what you’re talking about. You’ve come off as ignorant and uninformed in every thread you’ve posted in
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    Clown Thread

    Say what you will about Jim Delaney but he always advocated for the conference and it seems like we always had at least two teams in NY6 bowls, sometimes three. Warren didn’t advocate for his schools at all. Quite the contrast with Greg Sankey in the SEC.
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    You guys got screwed...

    PSU lost four in a row after we beat them, then won their last four. They were better than their record indicates. We sent them into a funk with that crazy comeback and it took some time for them to recover.
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    You guys got screwed...

    Way better than TCU, which you seem to think is a great win
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    B1G vs. SEC

    I would just like to point out that the SEC and Big 10 had the exact same winning % this year, .500. Yet the SEC has four teams in NY6 games and the Big 10 one! How do we know they are better than us, let alone that much better, when there were no inter-conference matchups? Would’ve been nice...
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    Northwestern-Auburn in Citrus

    Makes no sense. We both lost to OSU and NW lost to MSU, who we smoked. I was planning to go to Citrus. Was going to take the wife to Harry Potter World the day after the game. Tampa is a longer drive too. Not happy
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    Trump Accountability Project

    So DC is still a swamp? Trump has had four years to drain it!!! Also, I didn’t read this whole thread but some of you are giving AOC way too much credit. Being on her blacklist, if such a thing actually exists, will probably only help someone get a job unless they live in Flatbush or Hollywood.