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    **Great Shot of MP Breaking the Plane**

    This one, I believe. The tweet the OP was linking to has a video montage of some of these photos and it appears fourth.
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    Lawrence North at Marion - 7:30 P.M. Kickoff . . .

    17 for 21 with 325 yards and 2 TDs, almost all of which was in the first half, as well as 18 rushing yards and another TD. Not bad!
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    Alabama football Covid-19 outbreak....

    Very cool. Congrats.
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    Transfers into the program

    Dude has offers from Auburn, LSU, Baylor, etc. I think above all we're just going after him because he's pretty good.
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    Any DL Coach chatter or new ideas?

    FWIW, it appears per TOS he was the primary recruiter for at least two commits from IL in the past two years.
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    What's our outlook if Wisconsin wins?

    Why would a 1 loss Ohio State team be out of the top 4? One loss, in a conference championship game, against a top 10 team that you've already beaten by 31 points this season should make you drop from #1 to somewhere completely outside of the playoff? Get a grip. Wisconsin lost to Illinois...
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    THIS Could Be a Problem...

    What? Deboer deserves to be the 4th highest paid assistant coach in the nation? That's ludicrous.
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    Obviously with our program's history, it's hard to expect success. That said, you don't foresee a bowl game next year given the fact that so many of our best players are only freshmen or sophomores and will only be better next year? Besides, look at our schedule. We have WKU, BSU, MD, MSU, PSU...
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    Missed Opportunities...

    The play calling is costing us. James has been tearing Purdue up and suddenly we decide to just abandon the run and pass every play???
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    Recruits from last weekend

    Godsil is on scholarship and has been for the past few seasons.
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    2020 Democrats

    My two cents.. Joe was my preferred 2016 candidate. I think had he run, he would have won the nomination and the general election rather easily. With that said, I think the party already has an age problem and I don't think someone of his age would be the best face for the Democratic Party in...
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    WR News: Simmie Cobbs declares for NFL draft, Taysir Mack transfers to Pitt

    Kind of got lost in the shuffle of signing day yesterday, but Benker is transferring as well.
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    Signing Day Central

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    Signing Day Central

    Their school's ceremony is underway now. Head just confirmed to and signed with IU. Charlton picked FIU.
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    Pretty much down to us and MSU for Jefferson

    Jefferson decommitted from UCF in mid-November.
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    News on TheHoosier: TX QB Brady McBride

    Yes. Transferred to JUCO in Kansas after redshirting a year at Oregon. He was originally a Nebraska commit before flipping to Oregon, I believe.
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    How many offers have been extended for 2018?

    If the Rivals database is to be believed, we've offered 13 guys for 2018 (one of whom has committed to Wisconsin).
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    Another ride on the merry-go-round . . .

    It's QB coach, who do you expect them to hire? Of course DeBord is bringing him on because he's familiar with him and trusts his abilities. Hiller coached with Allen at Arkansas State, is that to be marked up as only nepotism as well? Assistants are brought on because someone somewhere developed...
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    Greg Frey to Michigan question...

    I give you Justin Frye. He's currently OL coach/running game coordinator at Boston College.