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    Play calls ..

    Not running the ball the first half was a real bad decision. We ran over them the second half.
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    Wommack getting exposed badly

    prevent defense with three man rush isn't working. Keep bringing pressure.
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    Peyton Ramsey

    Kicking Auburns ass so far! 14-0
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    Every B1G Team has high % 3pt shooters but IU

    Anderson was suppose to be a three point shooter. We know how that worked out. We are showing a little improvement in our outside shooting. Penn St made a lot of contested shots. I am gonna let the season play out before I pass judgement. we need another big in the transfer portal..
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    Parker Stewart

    Is he going to play this season? I don't remember if they made a announcement or not..
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    Aminu picks the Hoyas

    Not upset about missing out on this kid. We need bigs this spring..
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    You guys got screwed...

    Warren has been a grease fire so far in my opinion. He comes across as a weak leader..
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    Indiana - Ole Miss Outback Bowl?

    Bottom line if IU plays a $EC team kick their ass! I have no doubt coach Allen will get them fired up!
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    Watching a great team

    We are playing with one senior. Plus they always have four or five big guys who can shoot. we need a grad transfer big guy for next year. We have some nice young talent.
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    It’s going to be a long year.

    I'll find out about them. It would be nice to see Wawasee get some upper level talent. Smallest school in the NLC. Karla likes the idea of IU. Dad not so much..
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    It’s going to be a long year.

    I don't I haven't watched either team this year. Are you talking about Warsaw? Hope you are doing good. I messaged Trayce's mom to let her know that they were talking about Tayven during the game.
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    Foul shooting and turnovers

    I posted months ago about him being ready to contribute. The kid is mentally tough. And a coaches son.
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    It’s going to be a long year.

    If you wanna see stupid look in the mirror! You have zero respect on this board. You must be twin degrees..
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    Indy Star - Trayce Jackson-Davis & His Brother Tayven Jackson

    I grew up with Karla. Nice lady as is her whole family. I know how excited she is for her sons..
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    Chambers done at Penn St

    Doesn't really say why he is leaving Penn St
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    Big Ten Schedule 2020 (link)

    Sucks having to play Ohio st and Michigan. Illinois is your best chance in the first four... The season will be interesting for sure..
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    Big Ten Schedule 2020 (link)

    Purdue looks like it will open 0-4 to start the season..
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    Eastern denied at UM

    I thought he went to the Harvard of the midwest???
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    TJD is a Nice Guy

    Trayce comes from a solid family. His mother comes from a family of classy people.. So he understands there are more things that are important then what number you wear..
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    COVID-19 Effects on Survivors Could Be Serious

    My daughter and son inlaw had the virus.They are young healthy people. Let me tell you it kicked their butts! We are getting closer to a the number of cases slowing down. I understand why they want to open the economy back up. I think caution is the best rule right now.