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    Coaching Review

    I am not convinced yet that Allen does not move on Hillier. When none of the lineman play particularly well you have to question things. It was not a case of a young guy like Katic struggling. Crider struggled any time he had a good nose tackle on him. Norwah struggled all season, Bedford...
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    Coaching Review

    Correct. You can't use points as the defense created a ton of our points this year. I use FEI's efficiency stats and our offense went from 27th under Deboer to 78th under Sheridan. It was a serious regression and did not improve as the season went on. The Ole Miss game was a parade of errors. I...
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    Chris Kiffin

    This would be a really logical hire as we can afford to hire a defensive coordinator who is light on experience but long on recruiting ability. Allen is the perfect coach to groom a coordinator.
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    Post-game thoughts

    Apparently, Tuttle played with a separated shoulder.
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    Wow.... that was some of the worst execution I've ever witnessed.

    4 dropped balls. An interception, a fumble, three or four penalties that hurt drives. Two miscommunications on handoffs. I have been saying all year, we are not completely incompetent on offense, but it's anything but a smooth operation. we need to find our next Deboer and I don't think its...
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    Win or lose, Tuttle shows his competitiveness

    His receivers have dropped four balls. His line has nearly gotten him killed. He's a tough resilient player.
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    Replace the OC too.

    He has not. Suprised he still has a job honestly.
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    Tuttle's going to get knocked out of this game

    If you hold Ole Miss under 35 you should beat them. They are great offensively and terrible defensively. I think we'll hold them under 35. But we may not score ten the way things are going.
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    Tuttle's going to get knocked out of this game

    Deboer's two bread and butter plays were the wide receiver screen, and the tight end delay. He killed teams with those two plays. We hardly ever run them now. We just tried one and the receiver fell down. And then we dropped another pass. I don't remember our tight end dropping a ball all year...
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    Tuttle's going to get knocked out of this game

    Ole Miss by the way gives us 540 yards a game. They are a bottom 10 in the nation defense and we have three points and 150 yards in the half.
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    Tuttle's going to get knocked out of this game

    Agree. Deboer was an elite coordinator. The execution in the passing game last year was off the charts. We rarely dropped balls, and we always seemed to hit open players in stride. This year, it's some of the same plays, but the execution is not there. We drop balls, we have trouble in pass pro...
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    Whop, c’mon man!

    He's killed three drives.
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    Replace the OC too.

    Tuttle came out on fire until he got hurt, but the line play has been terrible. As usual we can't run the ball and we are struggling pass blocking too.
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    Tuttle's going to get knocked out of this game

    Ole Miss gives up 40 a game and scores 40 a game. Scoring 3 against them is an embarrassment. Our line is a disaster. A couple of drive killing penalties and as usual a couple of dropped passes. Really lousy offensive execution. We are going to get another quarterback killed.
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    Here's a interesting transfer candidate

    I second this thought. He's not good enough to D3 ball.
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    Welcome Zach Carpenter!!!💥💥💥

    This is a really good player. 14th ranked guard coming out of high school. Clemson offer. Whole big ten wanted him. Projected starter at Michigan next year.
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    I think the DC will be from within. I am more interested in the linebacker coach hire. They need an elite recruiter. The O Line coach is a weak recruiter and the D Line coach seems to be struggling a little too. We need the linebacker coach to be a Pied Piper.
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    Possible DC candidate with CTA connection....

    What about Michigan State's Mike Tressel. He demoted after having a run of terrific defenses. Coached under arguably the best defensive mind in the country in Dantonio for 14 years. Not sure why he did not get offered a coordinator job elsewhere.
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    Looks like Kane will be gone

    There are rumors on Peoples to Tulane too. Maybe Wommack goes after the D Line coach at Michigan State that he almost landed last year.
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    Path to CFB Playoff

    I forgot we don't jump OSU if they lose.