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    the rise of the transfer portal

    Maybe for our programs. Like Des said, at Alabama, If you don’t produce, your ass is getting moved into that portal. I don’t see this as a good thing for lower/mid-level programs or non studs at top programs
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    Peyton in the transfer portal

    If I’m Fitzgeralds I’m on the phone with Ramseys
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    2021 football recruiting

    Brohms dc Nick Holt sucked dog Holt... Nice 3-0-8 defense in the first half of the bucket game stooge lol. This Kinda talk is not considered endearing on gbi. But yeah holt was at least as bad as Debord as a coordinator
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    2021 football recruiting

    I think he had a pretty bad OC. He hasn’t written his story yet. Much like Allen, the next couple years will tell a lot. I think 2020 is good, 2021 is really good and then we lose him to the NFL. Not cause I think the guy is Lombardi.. but because the NFL is going to the college ranks...
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    Nick Wright's evaluation of Joe Burrow

    Nick wright is a physical evolution guy .. if you have a QB who can make all the throws, wright doesn’t care unless he’s 6’4” running a 4.5. This is a guy who thinks Michael Jordan would be less effective in today’s league because of the athletes in today’s game (a game with no rim protecting...
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    2021 football recruiting

    I don’t mind you. I don’t consider myself a fan. I follow the drama of Purdue football because we were good when I went there and at this point I feel invested. I’ve stopped following any sport other than that. I don’t believe in Purdue people or IU people.. but rather that with a key change...
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    2021 football recruiting

    I see all big ten teams increasing their recruiting prowess across the board nationally/outside of nearby states. Rutgers, Maryland and Nebraska have had the toughest time
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    2021 football recruiting

    I think if the Purdue team was Indiana, i.e. my rival, id be hard pressed to take as nationalistic a view as that. Let’s just start with QB. Two different first time starters passed for 400 yards in a game with Jackson Anthrop in the slot. Don’t confuse that with me saying “we rule and IU...
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    Where do you draw the line...

    Exactly. It’s kids who are about to be full on adults (as in surviving fully on your own) who want to test those freedoms. When I went to Purdue it was a couple nerds in my frat counting to 4 then yelling first down. Then It became first down ***** ... and to me it just makes me cringe cause...
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    2021 football recruiting

    Oh I’m sorry I thought the context was 2021 recruits. Recruits are going to look at future outlook.. and sometimes you’ll have schools that recruit better than they should based solely on marketing. I think we have one of the best recruiting operations in that regard with Hodges, and that...
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    2021 football recruiting

    It’s all good. I know every fan base has the types that wanna go start stuff on other boards. In our case, that would be very odd seeing as how we just went 4-8, but I’m sure that floats some peoples’ boats. I also just think it’s going to be exceedingly difficult for any big ten team to be...
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    2021 football recruiting

    Thank you. I read an article recently that had Purdue winning the west and IU beating one of the big ten powers in 2020. I think that that kinda talk is premature for us, but I could see you guys holding up to the articles prediction. I think with a really good year we can finish 3rd at 8-4...
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    2021 football recruiting

    I consistently maintained that you guys had a good season this year. I’ve been screamed at for being an IU fan by people having a nervous breakdown on our board. Is this really necessary? Did I insult IU in some way in my post?
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    2021 football recruiting #24 is Purdue I was very complimentary of you guys season, but honestly, thinking that last year was a sign that we are trending down would have been as silly as me thinking...
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    Today is The Worst Day of The Year

    As someone who really only follows big ten football.. a long ride is right .. the days of following spring ball where you dream of the season starting tomorrow
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    When was the last IU bowl win?

    Yeah I don’t get it either ... I haven’t missed a Purdue game since attending in 98. Wouldn’t care if we were 0-11 and I was predicting a blowout win for Indiana in the bucket. My girlfriend even knows not to do something stupid like let a close relative get engaged to be married on a college...
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    When was the last IU bowl win?

    I thought you guys represented the big ten nicely. I enjoyed the game and was hoping for an IU win. Would have improved recruiting in the upper south for all of us And to clarify I was talking about the mentality f the posters family who didn’t want to watch the game because they were Purdue...
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    When was the last IU bowl win?

    I never understood this mentality.. I watch every big ten game I can make time for.. its amazing how accurate you are in your expectations each year when you’ve actually watched a lot of big ten ball the previous year.
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    Congrats to the Vols and thanks IU for a great season

    I’ve been branded an IU fan on our premium board simply for being able to acknowledge that you guys had a good team this year. I thought you guys stood up to tennessee’s athletes and that that’s why you’re getting the respect from their fan base. Way to do yourselves and the conference proud