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  1. J

    Why I think a coaching change has to be made

    Archie needs to go because in year 4 of his tenure we still suck and are showing no signs of improvement on the court or the recruiting trail. Simple.
  2. J

    Mike Hart is joining Harbaugh’s staff in Ann Arbor

    No biggie. Plenty of good coaches out there. Coaching turnover is an annual thing.
  3. J

    Player development

    Rob sure hasn't developed much since a fairly impressive freshmen year when he looked like he would turn into a very good player for us. Reminds me of another Rob (Robert) with last name Johnson who never improved much either. Johnson may have actually gotten worse through his career. Diff...
  4. J

    Watching the replay...

    You are correct. Giving up 26 to this offense is pretty good. Our offensive game plan is what killed us (that and missing Penix). We should have tried to establish the run from the start. It doesn't take a football guru to know that running would have run time off the clock and helped our D...
  5. J

    Must win tonight against Dem turtles.

    When you are as bad as we are every game is big.
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    Why we should not be surprised about the Outback Bowl

    I noticed that too. It also seemed that Tuttle's rarely looked down field. I remember at least 2 times that he ignored a wide, wide open Hendershot. The constant pressure he was under and his shoulder issue may have contributed to this but he seemed really locked in to the easy dump off...
  7. J

    CTA vs Big Ten teams with winning record?

    On a slightly different topic than our terrible bowl game. Someone told me that CTA has yet to beat a Big Ten team that ended the season with a winning record other than Wisc this year. Is this true?
  8. J

    It boils down to QB play for Indiana

    You are an idiot. Why would he hang up his cleats?
  9. J


    All season our DL struggled to put any pressure on the QB without the help of blitzing LBs or DBs. This is one huge reason the SEC is so good year after year. Even a so called crappy SEC defense like Ole Miss had #13 who was in Tuttle's face constantly no matter who we had try to block him...
  10. J

    Post-game thoughts

    The game definitely does not erase beating PSU, Mich, Mich St and Wiscy in the same year. Your mommy needs to give you a popsicle and set you down to watch some calming Sesame Street so you can't get your shit back together. For many years we'll be saying "remember the last time we beat all of...
  11. J

    What to think about this?

    I don't know anybody who thought we would be very good........and we aren't. We've been disappointing for many seasons now.
  12. J

    Raise your hand

    Yes Archie has the program trending in the right direction. The problem is that at the rate we are improving we won't be a top 10 team for another 30 years. Good lord people, get your head out of the sand!
  13. J

    Watching Northwestern vs Iowa

    I tend to agree with you on this. Whether it's college or the NBA, you have to be able to shoot the 3. The 3 pointer is the great equalizer. Archie either doesn't understand this or he can't identify/recruit players that can shoot.
  14. J

    Hunter is a HUGE disappointment!

    Them too but I thought they each deserved their own post and maybe even Demezi....
  15. J

    Hunter is a HUGE disappointment!

    Wth is up with Hunter? Is he completely different in practice? He does little to nothing in games that warrants him any playing time. If he could just contribute 7-8pts per game it would be huge for us but we can't count on him for anything at this stage. He looks like a lost puppy out on the...
  16. J

    Our Record is impressive.

    In looking at all the bowl lineups and seeing so many bowl teams with sub .500 records it makes me appreciate our season that much more. I'm stating the obvious but 6-1 looks even better when you remember that it was all conference games. Still sucks that we got hosed out of a New Years Day...
  17. J

    Could be moot as there are rumblings now....

    Yes, starting the season late was the huge F*$kup. Pretty much every expert out there expected Covid to ramp up once the weather got colder and people headed indoors. No crystal ball needed to see that.
  18. J

    TJD has regressed

    I love TJD but where exactly is he going after this year? At 6'9" he is only as tall as several point guards in the NBA and his range is only about 0-2' from the basket. He won't be an exceptional defender or rebounder against NBA bigs and he'll likely struggle finishing at the basket night in...
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    Our shooting was awful last year and we have added no shooters as we are already seeing. Some people tried to label Galloway and Leal as shooting guards but they only had that label because they clearly weren't point guards. We literally have not a single player on the team who appears to be a...
  20. J

    Texas is really good

    You are dead on. I thought the same thing about Lander. It's not a knock on Al and Rob, it's just that they are very average and wouldn't start for any of our strong teams in the past. Neither will sniff 3rd team all big ten.