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    Ok. What are we doing?

    Get real. What affirmative proof do you need. He is who we see. Smart? Yes for not resigning
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    Purdue owns Indiana

    How may more of these spectacles are necessary. Fire him
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    They need to get real he just isn’t equipped to coach at this level. Again I say Peter principle in spades
  4. C anyone surprised?

    Purdue shooting better from 3 than we ate from line. But Archie is defensive coach????
  5. C anyone surprised?

    Even small players can shoot except ours
  6. C anyone surprised?

    Yes u are right. Glory days are over and Archie will not be salvation. Myself and others just need to come to this realization
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    Rinse repeat. He just is over his head. But press conference will be same old ...t. We just didn’t make the plays. He is lost! Just absolute worst coach for thiis level
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    Packline D is crap!

    Painter just better coach and motivator
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    Packline D is crap!

    He will win some games. But nothing consistent or ever achieve beyond middle of paCk
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    Packline D is crap!

    Peter principle
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    A 5 star ???
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    Putrid offense...

    good call on the Peter principle Archie is classic car IMO
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    Lack of shooters

    What is on the coach? Before it was “these are not his players”. But these are his players.....this is not mid major
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    Putrid offense...

    Rinse repeat. I am trying to support Archie buts as gyre 4 years just not on board with him. We will have posters say it’s early etc etc but lack of offense will be our demise. As this game shows it pays to have some players who can hit shots in the clutch. Our guards shooting and even...
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    Lack of shooters

    We are a decent defensive team and playing ok on that end. But we have not had agent shooter since yogi. None of our guards can shoot or create their own shot. Seems Miller is just lost when comes to offense. We will struggle mightily
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    Unbearable to watch offense and clanks

    Agree Archie neds to move on. All on him. No more wait till he gets his players excuses
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    Unfortunately our predicted finish at 8 /9 seems about right. Same team and lack of shooting as last year. Still Maintain Archie is not the guy. Too docile and seems at Loss for answers. TJD to nba is a joke. Soft and very one dimensional. Why all these preseason Accolades. Very unimpressive.
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    Unbearable to watch offense and clanks

    12 points in 15 min!!!
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    This is why lack of shooting will kill you.

    Repeat of last year. No shooting. Can’t even hit free ones. Archie once again looks clueless