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  1. Columbus-Boiler

    Packline D is crap!

    I think the "Packline D" is very clever and effective defense... for the era of basketball before the 3 point line came into existence. Now it only looks good when the other team simply has a bad shooting night from 3.
  2. Columbus-Boiler

    Why I think a coaching change has to be made

    Guys his size (he's not tall) either need to be able to shoot from distance in the NBA or are serious, serious top defenders to make the league. He's an exceptional college player though and his inability to get drafted could be good news for IU having him around a couple more years.
  3. Columbus-Boiler

    New Coach Choices

    Maybe, I'm sure you know more about Sampson than I do but I liked the way he coached and Pearl seems like it's all a slimy facade of caring and crocodile tears. An act. At any rate, with his history I think it would be a big mistake, the most minor of violations would put IU in the wrong...
  4. Columbus-Boiler

    New Coach Choices

    Man, Pearl is the worst possible choice IMO. The definition of sleazy. He's a cheat AND a snitch. It would be Kelvin Sampson 2.0 (except I think Sampson was a better dude (and coach)) Bruce Pearl’s complicated history with NCAA rules, explained -
  5. Columbus-Boiler

    Respect for IU women

    Ya, we feel about our women's coach the way you do (or should) about your men's coach. The women's BBall program has hit rock bottom.
  6. Columbus-Boiler

    Post-game thoughts

    That's what I thought, reminded me of too many Colts games
  7. Columbus-Boiler

    Big loss

    What do you guys see TJD being in the NBA? A 4? Did he shoot any from 3 or the perimeter last year? Can he hold up as a 5 in the NBA?
  8. Columbus-Boiler

    seniors will be granted another year

    I don't see this happening for basketball, spring sports perhaps.
  9. Columbus-Boiler

    College Basketball Season is Over

    Wow.....thinking about Dayton and their big chance this year. Penn Sate.....Rutgers..... Big years for them all to go away in an instant.
  10. Columbus-Boiler

    Ramsey article in Tribune

    So haven't seen much of Penix, was injured whenever I turned on an IU game, what is it the eye test that gives everyone here a clear opinion he is way better than Ramsey? Stats look remarkably similar, even YPA which I assumed would be way better for Penix based on what I read here are pretty...
  11. Columbus-Boiler

    Ramsey article in Tribune

    On the one hand I think most of you are right, the player hasn't said anything and this sounds like sour grapes from the dad. On the other hand though, I'm guessing the Dad got this opinion and facts from the kid and isn't just making them up? Maybe the coach told him "you will enter spring...
  12. Columbus-Boiler

    ESPN pre season FPI rankings. IU 26th

    OSU is the difference, flip OSU and the west is stronger.
  13. Columbus-Boiler

    Ramsey article in Tribune
  14. Columbus-Boiler

    Big TJD news dropping...

    Ha! Granville Waiters..... Ya, I wasn't sure he could dunk until last night.
  15. Columbus-Boiler

    Big TJD news dropping...

    I don't see how you can say one is better than the other? Their winning percentages are nearly identical. If you remove their "smaller conference" records (Dayton and Wichita State respectively) Turgeon has a much better record wearing big boy pants. I'm not saying Turgeon is better either...
  16. Columbus-Boiler

    Big TJD news dropping...

    Yes, probably our best win of the year, and probably too little too late, but at least they have a shot with a good showing in the conference tournament. That bald Cajun dude was heavily recruited by Iowa who towards the end of recruiting told him they were going to "go in a different...
  17. Columbus-Boiler


    The experts are wrong so often it hardly warrants paying attention to them (Brohm to Louisville for example). That being said, it's near impossible to get reads on these kids in most cases so it is hard to blame them. Half of them are so full of homerism they are trying to will the player there...
  18. Columbus-Boiler

    Big TJD news dropping...

    Same opinion manyt of us are at with a player like Wheeler. Haven't seen the progression this year. Makes you wonder which was the anomaly, the half season of good play or the rest. Always lots of nagging injuries.
  19. Columbus-Boiler

    Luke Goode recruitment update

    They've been in the game from the start, scholarship numbers are tight that year. Harrison Ingram is who they hope joins Furst.